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12 Rare Known Facts That'll Change The Way You See History

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer. It's often said that "It is only a matter of perception", the way we look at things might not be the same as others look at it. It comes as no surprise that we may even distort the perception of time. Sometimes, looking back at the history & comparing it with the present, also, simply trying new things changes the way we perceive reality, as it helps us in consuming more information that helps us grow and understand more about life. Surely the times have changed, humans have evolved, so has the technology, and also the way we live our lives. So here we bring you facts based on history and reality that will change the way you look at things, do not miss any points as it has been shortlisted just for you-

1. Jefferson Davis was never tried for treason. 

The Federal government was worried that the Confederate president would either become the martyr if was executed or he might prove to a jury that session was legal. However, the Chief Justice of Supreme Court gave his team an interesting argument and the treason charged had been dropped off. Also, his civil rights were fully restored in the year 1978.

2. It is the last known cycad tree in the world. 

It was found in 1895 and was transferred to Royal Botanical Gardens where it grew further. After that, no cycad tree was found ever after.

3. Dante placed bankers in a lower circle of hell than murderers. 

In this divine comedy, bankers are depicted as swatting sparks and surrounded by stinging sand.

4. Utah instituted four-day work in a week.

In 2008, when the banks collapsed, the state reported that million dollars were saved on energy, carbon emission was cut down by 14% and workers became more productive because of four days work week. 

5. Mark Hamill believes that Luke Skywalker might be a gay. 

J.J. Abrams, the director of 'The Force Awakens,' backs him up saying that it is too narrow-minded to have the world without homosexuals. 

6. Former President Eisenhower came out of retirement to denounce the movie, 'The Battle of The Bulge.'

'The Battle of the Bulge' did such a bad job because it did not end the same way as the real battle and had to be denounced because the filmmakers were sloppy with details to create the movie in the same way as World War ll. 

7. Alice Cooper gave up drinking.

Alice Cooper turned his life by giving up drinking for Golf. He used to play six rounds in a week with a handicap of two.  

8. From saline to Coconut water.

Due to the shortage of saline, the doctors of Japan and Britain used coconut water to rehydrate soldiers in second World War. 

9. From rags to riches.

In 2008, in the span of just three days, Elon Musk took Tesla Motors and SpaceX from bankruptcy to the valuation of $1.6 billion after signing a contract with investors. 

10. The Greek states put down their spears and shields for the three month period leading to the Olympics.

In ancient Greece, audiences and athletes were allowed to move freely without harm.

11. 50% of the books on ethics are missing from libraries.

The philosophical books which occupy more space in the library than ethical books ultimately mean that experts on ethics might not practice what they preach. 

12. Thomas Andrews Jr, one of the designers of Titanic was on the board when the ship sank. 

You'll be amazed to know that he along with Captain Smith helped people to get into lifeboats. He went down with the ship, helping people to float in water by throwing anything.