These DIY Fun Projects With Old Drainage Pipes Are Height Of Creativity

We all have old drainage PVC pipes at home lying idle and taking up space which is of no use. A day comes when you grab all of that so-called crap and throw it away, once and for all. But do you know we can use them in our fun DIY projects and decorate our homes, gardens, office desks, et al? It just depends on your creativity and imagination how well can you use them? As Franklin Roosevelt once said, "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and thrill of creative effort."  This summer try and spend your afternoon having fun with your kids and friends with these fun and creative projects and build something functional out of those waste PVC pipes. At last, you will own some products to turn your house into a creative PVC art gallery. Here are some of our favourite DIY fun projects with old drainage pipes which you'll be surprised to see. 

Beautify your wall with lighted PVC pipes. 

After you are done browsing through the entire collection of following DIY ideas, you will not be able to resist implementing at least one of them right now. From Christmas trees to your own home-made Xylophone, you can make it all. And, some of these DIYs will also help you make that economical yet stylish center lamp you've been trying to save money for.

Feed your chicken with creativity.

Standing strawberry tower.

Organize your desk with PVC cups.

Awesome hairdryer stand.

Wine glass holder.

Drying rack made of pipes.

Pipe toothbrush holder.

Simple storage for socks, stocking and other accessories.

Tape and bangle holder.

Two face clock.

Give music lessons to your kids with DIY Xylophone.

A neat way to organize your office supplies.

Christmas door decoration.

DIY speakers. Let the pipes beat.

Modern art lamp.

Gardening hack to feed your birds.

Christmas decorations.

State-of-the-Art wine rack.

Beautifully designed DIY pipe lamp.

Here's another one.

Little on space? Not anymore.

Artistic table and sofa.

Charming glass decorations.

Alluring flower vase.

Garden chair for toddlers.

Modern pipe frame.

Happy Halloween.

Simple, extraordinary and creative pipe lamp.

Pedal cycle for kids and elderly people.