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Ever Wondered Why Toilet Cubicle Doors Ain’t Fully Enclosed? 

Toilet cubicle doors can be spotted in the restrooms of malls, offices and public places. Have you ever noticed that these toilet stall doors never go all the way down to the floor? Sometimes, I feel it is very strange because anyone can pop up down the floor. Or things like water can flow beneath the doors. Needless to say, I find it uncomfortable peeing or pooping in such washrooms since there's a level of insecurity. What if I want to change clothes? Taking my jeans out 'might' provide a view of the ones outside. Well, washrooms are places that offer you isolation (or are supposed to), you can be yourself without the fear of being judged and without anyone around. But I recently have come across a few logical reasons behind the design you see in public toilet cubicles.Let me encounter you with them!

Toilet paper

Imagine there's no toilet paper in your cabinet, then you can freely ask the person sitting on the adjacent toilet seat to help you with it. And, you'll have toilet paper delivered to your seat.

Sex inside the toilet

As odd as it may sound but accept it, you have such wild fantasies and the only reason you never tried it was that someone will sneak in from top or bottom. And the voices, of course; you don't want people to hear your action.

Easy to clean

It's easy for the janitors too, a single splash of water can go through multiples toilet seats at one time. They even can wash cubicle floors without entering. 


I mean, just look at that. It looks as if a kid is completing his art and craft project with cardboard and fell short of it. Jokes apart, it's evident that the installation cost of such cabinets is lower than the proper toilets with fully enclosed doors.

Prevents queue

It's clear to the person standing outside that the stall is occupied and will not disturb you unless they are blind and knock or push anyway.

Easy rescue

If in case you get locked inside or your kid, then you can climb out of it, and your kid can crawl out of it.

Chat room

If your friend is sitting in the next one, then it's almost like you both are using the toilet together and can talk not to get bored.


These toilet cubicles are highly compact, so they consume less space from architectural perspectives.

Attempt at providing discomfort

The people who have got them constructed don't want you to stay much time in there because of the footfall and wear and tear. Another reason why they are so small in size.