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14 'In A Relationship Vs After Breakup' Posters That Everyone Can Relate To

Entering a relationship changes your life completely. As mine tends to become ours and almost everything you do, you are joined by your partner as well. With time, a relationship gets more and more intimate, and at one stage, you are more like a married couple who knows literally everything about their partner. But often some things that look set to stay don't usually do and similarly, all relationships just aren't meant to last. Just after the breakup, these same habits that you were accustomed to; start haunting you and life becomes unbearable and upsetting, but you're left with no choice other than living every day in their absence regardless of what life brings you to. Everyone goes through some major changes, and to explain this better, we have a poster series depicting the changes in life when one is in a relationship vs when one is facing the time after a breakup.  Images via CollegeHumor

When in a relationship, you don't like it when he leaves his dirty clothes on the floor.

Isn't it true? We tend to appreciate the little things only when they are gone. Suddenly the old t-shirt they forgot becomes so important to us, as we add the emotional value in it and live with the faded odour that's left in them of days ago. The hard part of relationships is always the 'letting go'.

But when you've broken up, every single piece of his stuff makes you sad. 

For his happiness, you do things he loves and create happy memories.

But after the breakup, you realise how much you hated doing all of it.

You argue for the smallest of things with your partner.

But after breaking up, you realise that the peace of mind is all you need.

Your level of interest in his daily life isn't much.

But post-breakup, every girl you notice talking to him boils your blood.

Getting hit on pretty much ends with the same sentence.

But free booze starts to come around once again.

The cute nicknames you once used to love...

Later, get coated with hatred and immense anger.