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If You Have Two Holes On Your Back, We Have A Great News For Your Intimate Life

Many of you aren’t aware of the insight stories of the human body. Our body is full of mysteries and wonders. Don't you think we need to be aware of all the secrets our body hides from us? After all, it's our own body! Some people have hidden dimples on their butt, which are known as Venus holes, butt dimples or back dimples. These tend to be visibly superior to gluteal cleft and on your lower back. They are sometimes marked as beauty signs as Venus was the goddess for Roman people. Venus holes refer to symmetrical indentations, which are generated by a small ligament stretching the skin and spine. There is no muscle there. Losing or gaining weight has no part in the creation of these dimples.You will come across people who might envy the fact that you have these dimples while they don't. What could be the reason? This is what these holes say about you...

Two holes on your back.

The two holes at the lower back that can be seen with the naked eyes pretend to be like small circles, and so they are called holes.These holes can be seen in both men and women.The circles or holes in women are called Venus holes whereas in men they are known as Apollo holes.


The circles or holes on the back of women are called Venus holes whereas in men they are known as Apollo holes.

Location of the holes.

The Venus and Apollo holes are situated at a place where two of the bones link the pelvis, and that point has no muscles.

The result of genetics, simply!

Well, no one can choose to have these holes or not to have. It is seen only in people with the genetic predisposition or appropriately sized ligaments.

Good circulation resulting in easier climax.

Well, these holes on the back are an indication of proper blood circulation in the body, and they also help to achieve climax easily.

Sign of a healthy body.

Apparently, healthy circulation leads to a healthy body. These holes are a sign of healthy living.

Weight loss can't help you in having these holes.

However, no amount of exercise can help you in getting these holes. But yes, if you remove excess fat from your body, then these holes probably become visible and hence help your health.