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16 Mistakes In Leonardo DiCaprio Movies Proving That Even The Wolf Has Shortcomings 

Leonardo Dicaprio, the American actor and film producer, has acted in the legendary 'Titanic' and later went on to act in the biggest and the most hit movies of all times such as 'Blood Diamond', 'Shutter Island', 'The Aviator', 'The Wolf of Wall Street', etc. He has done an impeccable job in all of his movies, if you list down the movies he's done, you will not really find a single bad movie by the world class actor. Ever since he debuted, his work has successfully grabbed the attention of the worldwide audience. However, leaning towards the part, an actor as hard-working as the Oscar winner Leonardo has also committed a few movie errors which many eyes have failed to notice, but surely we did not miss out on it. So, here we are with a compilation of his movie mistakes which prove that even the perfectionists can make mistakes.

1. Ditching the suspenders in the very next scene in Titanic. 

In the scene from the movie Titanic, where Rose breaks Jack’s handcuffs, you can clearly see the stunt person not wearing the suspenders as Jack did. The scene is cut version between the raising of the axe, and striking off the cuffs. The stunt double is quite noticeable in the film. 

2. In Inception, the totem couldn't decide the side on which it wants to lean.

3. He forgot about the page he was writing on.

4. Getting cosier in the very next shot of The Great Gatsby.  

5. Breaking things all over again in 'The Aviator'. 

6. Slick back or not? So much confusion.

7. Maybe they travelled to the future and clicked this snap with Fenway Park in the background for 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

8. Oops, did you notice it?

9. Jack felt so damn cold. Especially, under his nose. 

10. Leo's character is so damn confused about what to do with his arms.

11. The cockpit has got a brain of its own.

12. Naomi was actually wearing her undies even when she told Jordan that she was not.

13. The skull referred to as 'Ben' in Django Unchained is actually of a woman. Now, what's that about?