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15 Foods You Are Eating The Wrong Way Your Whole Life

You don't learn everything in school or college, and that's why you browse WittyFeed to know the unknown. Kidding, but seriously, there are some things which are supposed to be done in a certain manner, but you have never done it in that particular manner. Why so? Well, you've never seen a person do it in a different manner, on top of it no one told you the easy hacks too. Not a day goes by that you don't eat fruits, ice-creams, etcetera or drink soda; well you've probably been consuming all that wrongly. From peeling a banana to eating a popsicle, we bring you the best and easiest ways to consume them. Why wait then? Let the learning begin.


Every time we try to eat it, the filling spill from either side, so what to do?Here is a hack, wrap your taco around a lettuce leaf and enjoy eating it.


Sometimes when you dip it, you dip your fingers along! It gets messy, so to avoid the mess, dip it with a fork.


Always keep a straw with you because it comes in handy many times. You'll see as you browse.


Cut your hotdog in this manner, and it will be easy to eat.


Want to show some amazing skills while making an egg, use a capsicum and voila! You've got a wonderful egg flower.

Squeezing lemons

In this way, most of the juice can be squeezed out.


Ah! now it will not drip on my clothes.


No more hassles in eating that one now.

French toast

Add some cereals to it, preheat and have a crispy french toast.

Take away box

Troubled of running out of plates and cleaning them, use the takeaway box instead.After unboxing your parcel, just flatten out the edges.


Thank god, now I'll not have to eat the dry part in the end.


A banana should never be peeled from its head but tail.

Soda tab

There's a reason why soda tabs are there, apart from containing the pressure they are of great use even after opening. I love to drink my soda from a straw and if you do too then stick it inside through the tab so that it doesn't float out.


Did you ever drop a mango while attempting to peel it? Don't lie, I know you have. Well, let the glass catch it. Yes, cut a slice of it and run the inner side of it through the rim of a glass. In this way, the pulp will fall into the glass and you won't have to spend much time either.

Cheese sandwich

End of all worries, this one saved so much of my time when I would continuously try to have cheese in every bite of my sandwich.Updated by Cnishq