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He Had The Most Extensive Face Transplant In History And Now Looks Like This

It's the Murphy's Law, if something can go wrong, it will. Life is fair to us all in one way - It is unfair to everyone. What matters is how many times can you stand back up at your own feet. More times than one can think, life leaves you with no reasons to go on with it. But you shouldn't lose hope as that option isn't really open for choosing. However, you can fight and fight so hard that the life which was so anxious to bring you down, falls on its knees.I understand that these words are easier said than done, and many times we need a role model, to follow steps from. And in case you need an inspiration, I'll give you the story of Mitchell Hunter from Indiana state, US who went through a terrible accident which disfigured his face. He never gave up, though.Read about his journey below.

2001 was the year when it all went downhill.

Mitchell hit an electric pole with his car. He managed to pull a woman to safety, but he was shocked by a high-voltage with 10,000 volts for almost five minutes.

He survived.

According to NYDailyNews, He was able to survive the accident but he lost his leg and his face was severely disfigured. "People tell me I'm fortunate that I don't remember [the accident] because it would probably be a lot of pain," he said.

His experience...

"Imagine walking into a room and, like, falling and everybody noticing," he explained. "That's how it was every time I walked in a room because of the way my face looked."

Mitchell is the third person to ever receive a full face transplant in the US. 

Doctors operated for almost 14 hours on him, giving him eyelids, nose, and muscles which could help him in moving his face. All thanks to an anonymous donor.

It has been years and everything changed since then. 

He chose not to care about the stares he got but about whether his beards are trimmed or not. "Hot, cold, pain, tickle, rubbing my beard, someone kissing my face, I can feel everything," Mitchell explains.

A whole new make-over

Changes in his face brought about transformations in his social life as well. "It's a lot easier to go out in public now, I will tell you that," he said.

Much stronger than before.

"I look back on it as something that made me stronger,” he explained. “I mean, yeah, I’d like to have my leg and my face back, but without that happening I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

The third-of-its-kind surgery

Dallas Wiens was the first one to receive a full face transplant. He got a little to close to a high-voltage wire while painting his church.

Connie Culp, 46, underwent a groundbreaking 22-hour operation at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio last December to restore a face that had been shattered by a point-blank shotgun wound in 2004.That's all friends!(Note: The article was originally published in April 2016)