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Ever Wondered Why These Small Buttons On Your Jeans Pocket Exist? 

Blue Jeans and Denim have been an integral part of our casual culture. Whether dark-washed or cut-off, dressed up or casual. Styling yourself to a club with a Pair of jeans on an Oxford shirt has never gone out of style. Or, we just slip into chic blue pants and voila! We are done dressing up.  What’s more, designers continue to get more experimental with pieces of denim and jeans than ever before – designing jeans with all possible combinations and ripping them apart in all new ways. And, the celebrities continue to don the blue jeans look, a fashion trend we love to follow. But some things never change, and by that, I mean the basic stitch. Jeans didn't always look like this, but from a long time now there's an element which has been common with every jeans. Let's dig into that then, shall we?

Hailing from western culture

But before I tell you about the copper rivets you're here for; a brief history. Back in the day, the labour class needed something rigid to wear that wouldn't rip off while working. The phenomenon started in 1872. Yes, almost 175 years ago. 

Denim deliverables

Well they got a rigid fabric (jeans) which will help them save their limbs from getting bruised but another problem was there; the fabric got torn real quick. So, Jacob came up with a new solution. Wait, who's that?

Meet Jacob Davis

A Russian-Jewish tailor and American immigrant, Jacob W. Davis came up with the idea of keeping the jeans together with "Copper Rivets", a solution which worked.

Small metal elements

The miniaturised copper parts which you see on your jeans have been coming along as a part of jeans since then. They are termed as copper rivets which were also patented by Levi Strauss later.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss, a German-American businessman then opened up his company to manufacture blue jeans in the year 1853 as Levi Strauss & Co., in San Francisco, California.

A fashion symbol

Today, we wear them for utmost comfort, and also they give us a classy feel if we pair it up with a dressy shirt. 

Everywhere now

Not only that every other person wears one now, but also the manufacturers have taken the riveted culture into another dimension now.

More functionality

The rivets have now replaced waist buttons, they are now seen instead of zips, and if that's any less, then designers have been pinning them at some places in jeans. All that for providing you more comfort and less maintenance, so that you don't feel restricted in doing any activity.

More options

The plain simple copper ones have been replaced by all kinds of fancy rivets. Yes, with time the fashion industry changed, and now you have all kinds of rivets in your jeans.

The history of riveted pockets

Without a doubt, we love how the little copper buttons make our denim look just perfect or the customised rivets for that matter.Did you enjoy knowing the journey of copper rivets? Let us know in the comments. Updated by Cnishq