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20 Brilliant Life Hacks That Will Make Your 2017 The Best Year

We all face multiples problems in carrying out our daily tasks of life, and sometimes we give up because there are not enough resources. Well, today you'll be going through 21 set of hacks which don't demand you to spend even a buck and get done a lot. You've been disposing of the waste all your life but never thought of reusing it again; I wouldn't blame you. You were unaware of methods which enhance the way you live your life. Ever wondered even your old socks have a lot of use after they become loose, and condoms too. And, if you're out of pennies then we also have a 'key' for it. Why waste any time then? Let's scroll through the brilliance you can add in your life by simple implementations.

Dishwasher hack

Fed up of glassware breaking in the dishwasher. Bind them with a rubber band and forget about breakage since then the glassware won't stumble and crack.

Band-aid hack

Don't want your wound to be infected or the band-aid wet while taking a bath, cut a condom from the closed end and wear it above the wound. Your home made band-aid protector is ready.

Kitten hack

Fight the humidity of your car and its windows by filling up a sock by your cat litter.

Shopping cart hack

How many times do you run out of coins when you are out to shop? Stick your key in place of a coin there, and you'll have an unlocked shopping cart. A 'key' to coin alternate.

Cooling pad hack

Don't spend any money on buying a cooling pad when you can have it for free. Next time use your egg tray instead.

Car hack

Don't have a can holder in your car? Untie your shoes or keep a spare one in your car and put your can in that. That's it.

Soda can tabs

Another use of your waste, don't throw away your soda/beer cans because they might prove to be very useful in hanging your photo frames.

Microwave hack

Save some bucks on the electricity bills and prepare two meals at a time using a glass, instead of using the microwave twice. Keep the other one on top of the glass.

A dozen eggs hack

Not able to think of how to grill a dozen eggs at once, well here it is then.Spread the eggs on the grill evenly and have evenly cooked eggs altogether.

Oven hack

Prepare two pizzas at once by cutting them in half, placing them like they're shown in the image. It also saves half of your time.

Trapped in fire hack

If you ever happen to get stuck in fire then to breathe and not suffocate, you can use a bra.

Mobile armband hack

Looking for an economical mobile armband, cut your old sock and wear it in your arms. Your home-made armband is ready

Book holder hack

Are you looking for a book holder to read and cook? Why go shopping when you already have it at home. Use your hanger and clip your recipe book to it.

Strapless bra hack

Don't want your bra's strap to appear outside your beautiful dress, well use a U-pin, and there you have it. Bra straps are gone!

Dustpan hack

Facing problems in filling up your bucket from your basin's tap, use your dustpan then. Simple!

Air tight clips hack

Hangers come in handy in a lot many ways than you can think of, another one saving your precious bucks. Use your hanger clips to seal your open food packets and keep them out of moisture.

Tennis balls hack

From your keychain holder to pen holder, adding a smile (cut) to your tennis ball can do a lot.

Seed starter pot hack

Use your waste toilet paper rolls by cutting them from either end and turning them into a seed starter pot.

Wooden spoon hack

As you can see, a wooden spoon will not let your boiling water spill out of your vessel.

Chiller hack

Did you ever forget to put beer in the freezer and had to wait for hours to get a chilled one later. Well, from next time, wrap a wet paper towel and freeze it for just 15 minutes. Voila! You now have a cold beer.Updated by Cnishq