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Mind-Blowing Coincidences In Human History That Are Super Exciting To Know

Our lives have become so mechanical that we can't notice little things occurring around us. Little jolly things like a neighbourhood kid's wish, a bird tweeting at your doorstep, or something that happen more often than we realise - coincidences. Coincidences are a surprise. No matter where you go, what you do or who you are with, they'll just leave you with a knot hard to untie. They happen anytime, anywhere and if you are lucky enough to notice them, they leave you dumbstruck. Coincidences happen all the time, and then there are the ones that just cannot be ignored. These are the incidences that can attract the eyes of all those who notice it! And sometimes the timing is so accurate, it just seems unreal. WittyFeed brings you these hilarious coincidences that happened around the world and we are speechless.   

1. Who can forget the sad demise of Ebbin brothers? 

Both Ebbin brothers died at the age of 17 in an accident while they were travelling in a taxi. The weird part is that they both died a year apart while they were riding the same taxi with the same driver.     

2. Do you remember Tom Sawyer?

In 1909, Mark Twain through novel character Tom Sawyer said, "I came in with Hailey's comet in 1835, and I expect to go out with it." You will be surprised to know that he died of a heart attack on April 20, 1910, just a day after the comet came closest to the Earth.     

3. Did Johnny Bravo know it beforehand?

This would date back to the time of the 9/11 incident. An episode of Johnny Bravo aired a poster with an image of a burning building tagged with the label, "Coming Soon". Five months later, 9/11 happened.  Source 

4. Pass or fail?

In 1990, a student named James Bond appeared for GCSE in UK. Bond's paper reference number was 007. WOW!   

5. Alastair + Michael = Sachin. How?

See it carefully. Sachin Tendulkar's stats is the sum of Alastair and Michael. Try it!  

6. Separated identical twins lived identical lives.  

Jim Springer and Jim Lewis who were separated at birth are known to be living the same life. They both married girls named Linda. And they are blessed with sons whose names are James Alan. And they both have dogs named Toy. I can't breathe!     

7. Dennis the Menace crosses Atlantic. 

The series, 'Dennis the Menace', existed in US and UK. But they are different entities born from different cartoonists. Both comics were about a little boy who was a wreck.   

8. R.I.P. Mr Ziegland. Karma haunts. 

This story is freaky. Henry Ziegland was a resident of Texas who abetted his girlfriend to commit suicide. Her brother shot Ziegland and committed suicide. Ziegland survived the bullet shot and the bullet lodged in a tree. Years later when Ziegland tried cutting the tree down with dynamite, karma came back to him and the tree exploded.  

9. It would confuse computers. 

A computer gave two women the same social security number. - They were both Patricia.- Their father's name was Robert Campbell.- Their birthdays were on 13th March 1941.- They both had an interest in oil painting.- Both studied cosmetics.Both had worked as book-keepers. 

10. The weird coincidence.

The Mongolians tried to invade Japan in the 13th century but were prevented by a typhoon. The retreated and returned the next year but were again greeted by a typhoon. Being superstitious, they decided to cancel the urge to invade the country. 

11. Old Mc Donald had a farm?

Much to your surprise, there was a farmer in Canada named Mc Donald with a postal address EIEIO.   

12. Enzo Ferrari and Ozil. Here's the secret.

I don't need to say anything here. Do I?