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8 Crystal Clear Signs That Prove Your Relationship Is 100% Pure

Love is a pure bonding that changes two lives completely. It is the feeling that doesn't emerge just by saying a few sugar-coated words but comes naturally to a person.  Being in love is the most beautiful phase of life. In this stage, we go through many ups and downs. But the love, care, emotions and the respect for the other person whom we love never seem to fade away. There are very few lucky ones who get to be with their soulmates. They love to stay around their loved ones as much as possible. Relationships do get sour and salty at times but the sweetness that it bestows upon you when baked with understanding and creamed with love is the one that makes it all worthwhile. As with anything else, as times change, so do people. But there are many who don't let time hurt their fate.Here are some classic signs that prove that your bond is meant to be unbroken.

Make sure to be with (or share with) your partner while reading this!

1. You don’t shy away in your moments of weakness

It's easy to be happy with someone when you're feeling positive and happy about life. But what if you're going through a bad phase? Your partner becomes your comfort during tough times and not a burden.

2. You're not afraid to disagree with him/her

You have reached that level of understanding where you know that even if you fight, it will just bring you guys closer. You are not scared of giving honest opinions anymore. And if you don't stand on the same page on anything, you can let them know without hesitation.

3. You have immense respect for each other

You don't want to change the essence of who he is and you don’t want to change the spirit of who she is. There may be stuff that pesters you, but you love them too much to let those petty things bother you.

4. Long silences don’t seem awkward anymore

Remember the first phase of your relationship when both of you would run out of topics but neither would want to end the conversation. So you would try desperately to fill the space between because you hated the long pauses. Well, now those long silences feel soothing and comfortable when you are with each other. There is no need for the fillers, just their presence is enough.

5. You realize you have become a better person

If the relationship is on the right track, you will not only enjoy each other’s company tremendously but you will realize that your partner brings out and complements the best parts of you. You can feel yourself growing as a person yourself. A healthy relationship doesn't only leave you the person that you are - it builds you for the better.

6. You feel connected without actually communicating

You love them more than words can say plus you have come to know each other so intimately that you guys may even complete each other’s sentences and it might still not be a big deal for you. You think alike, and make sure whatever you do doesn't hurt your significant other.

7. Your little moments of silliness keep your mature love young

No matter how mature you project yourself in front of others, you can’t inhibit that innate childish nature of yours when you are together. You don’t care how stupid you might look. You get to be right there in your comfort zone.

8. You live different lives, yet carry a part of each other in your hearts

You both are different personalities having lives that may not be even remotely related to each other’s. You may not be spending 24x7 being together but you know that no matter what happens, your partner will never give up on you. Isn’t that what makes a relationship perfect?

Happy relationship to you!

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