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Student's Chilling Private Footage Of 9/11 Attacks Shook The World Again

It has taken years for humanity to flourish and prosper in the modern days we see today. But this growth hasn’t been as smooth as it seems. Every time we made our way towards love and faith, some things rose as obstacles, hindering the progress of hatred. One such hindrance was the 9/11 attack in 2001.The scar that the 9/11 attacks left on humankind can never be erased. It's already been 17 years post the attack, and even today the effects of that traumatizing day continue to haunt us even now.The image of the incidence is still fresh in the eyes of the world – how the towers were taken down with the bang. We can only imagine what those who saw it all happen in front of them went through. This video was made by a girl from her dormitory, just eight blocks away from the World Trade Centre. It resurfaced on the Internet last year, bringing back those chilling memories of that fateful day.

Remember the 9/11 attacks?

How can anyone ever forget that day when terrorism made its mark on the face of the earth. The uprisings in the name of religion had become common in those days, but the fate of the World Trade Centre shook not just the USA, but also the rest of the world. 

Caroline Dries

At that time, Caroline Dries, a then-NYU student, was living in a dormitory barely few blocks away from the site of the attack. She shot a video of the incident, and it is truly spine chilling.

An explosion

As she told, Caroline and her roommate, Megan, had woken up that day to the sound of an explosion at 8:46 AM. There was a lot of confusion on what had happened and what was going on.


It was a shock to see an overwhelming symbol of the USA to be bursting into flames. Although the reason behind it was still unclear.

Finally realizing the matter

It was only when the South Tower was attacked that the women realized it was a terrorist attack.

The video she shot still brings back the chills...

Standing this close to the incidence, seeing the two towers crumbling in flames must have been overwhelming.

Watch here!

Indeed, the video brings back the memory of the tragic attack.

Falling Man

Not just the video, many other images as well are living proof of the tragedy caused in the name of religion. This image, famous with the name of "Falling Man" shows a person who jumped out of the burning tower in fear only to come falling to the ground.

A monumental damage

This attack made everyone realize the hard way the threat posed by terrorism in the name of religion. America didn't simply lose the World Trade Centre - it was an act to make the world tremble.

We stand together!

But all the attack did was to unite the countries together in hopes that they will bring an end to this so that the further generations don't have to witness such a travesty again.And soon, we will create a world, where everyone could live without fear.PS: Images used in the story has been picked from several news channels.