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26 Disturbing Pictures Revealing The Harsh Reality Of Our Broken Planet

If we look at the population of the world, there are 7.3 billion people in existence as of 2015. It means that in roughly 64 years from now, the Earth's population will be almost 15 billion. The increment observed by researchers is directly proportional to the pollution done in the world. It is one major reason why everyone today is concerned about going green and using less of plastic. Plus, the damage has been done, and if not stopped now, the consequences will be catastrophic. Well, these are just words, and they don't matter. The human race always believes in what they see, so we bring to you a compilation of images that will tell you what are the damages and the outcomes. The brief of garbages, toxic gases and chemicals on the earth; heart-wrenching images show the harsh reality of today's world.  

Stuck tortoise

Not only the dreadful state of the tortoise we're talking about here, but you'll be seeing some images which show the atrocities from the usage of plastic on our mother Earth.

Stuck at a place

Imagine you're not able to move from your place because the world around you is using plastic.

Lonely planet

There will come a time when humans will also be scarce like this Koala who has no place because of the deforestation.

Oily duck

Well, we might be moving towards renewable energy, but creatures like the pictured duck are bathing in oil spills.

Plastic art

The Albatross lost its life because of the plastic consumed for a long time and ended like looking one piece of plastic.


The population of them has been deteriorating for some time now and probably will face extinction some day.

Penguin shades

What colour comes into your mind when talking about penguins? Well, try getting habitual to see the type in the image since oil disposal around the world in water bodies is causing this.

Trash wave

An image from Java island where the waste disposal adds beauty to oceanic waves.

Modern swimming pool

Are you wondering what is the boy trying to do? Well, recycling plastic is a major industry around the world, and the boy apparently is collecting the same to be recycled.


After some time this is what people will get printed inside their homes because the pollution you see behind that poster will one day restrict you to leave your house.

Hungry seal

Well, the animal kingdom will be soon running out of food and yes people, that includes us as well.

Perfect hideout

A boy from India who is swimming in a pool of crap, probably playing hide and seek.

Stream of dirt

Everybody doesn't get fresh water to drink, and some like him have to drink whatever he gets.

The growing populace

You're looking at 20 million inhabitants Mexico City. A glimpse of what the entire globe is going to look like.

Polluted waters

Either the boy is in search of something or going for a swim, either way, stop littering otherwise it will take no time for the rest of the water to be full of waste.

Bengaluru blues

After some years, you'll be going to a concert on a ground just like this.

Piles of plastic

This is what happens after you throw your plastic bottles anywhere you wish to.

River of garbage

Garbage is what the rivers will be full of in the coming times.

Trash ride

Don't know about you, but it seems as if animals could enjoy these kinds of rides in water full of trash.

21st century waste

This is the new form of waste invented a few years back; unfortunately, nobody wants it to recycle and just keep buying.

Yangtze river

A river in China getting polluted from a drainage pipe. Drawbacks of improper waste disposal system.

Another outcome

The improper disposal henceforth leads to these kinds of red rivers contaminated by acids.

Vacation time

Get used to spending your holidays like this, beach walks on crap.