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23 Disturbing Illustrations Depicting The Evils Of Modern Society

It is well known that actions speak louder than words. What is equally known but not as much acknowledged is the fact that products of seamless creativity speak loudly as much. And the series of photos put on display here add to prove that statement. These photos depict the evils present in our modern society in a way that has probably not been attempted before.Check it out!

1. The depression in our lives

It is now a well-known fact that a majority of the population today is suffering from stress and anxiety. As much as it is known, the human race is continuously failing in dealing with the day to day pressure that the competitive atmosphere is building up. Through these illustrations, we just want you to ponder upon it and figure out long-term solutions to this serious issue.Following are more of the powerful artworks...

2. The phones are taking over!

3. The creativity caged within...

Note: These hard-hitting illustrations were originally posted on the Facebook Page 'Ideal Indian' but it is no more available. Hence, we welcome the artist of these to contact WittyFeed so that we may provide proper courtesy.

4. The hollowness of our development...

5. Hypocrisy and skin-deep beauty

6. Body beauty and shaming

7. The inflow of knowledge

8. The differences between men and women

9. The load of work-life

10. The smoke that burns the Earth...

11. Brains behind progress!

12. Bleeding out of straining eyes

13. The dying love for nature

14. The wait to grow...

15. Containing out inner beasts

16. The attempt to swim out

17. The never-ending run for money