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15+ Childhood Pictures Of Celebs Proving They Haven't Changed At All

All aboard the nostalgia train! We have always loved our young childhood days, when we were stupid and happy, reliving those memories has always been amazing. But sadly, we can't go back in time, though we have a thing called childhood photographs which tell enough tales about the times we've lived. Even after growing up, some things remain the same.  This time we bring you some unbelievable throwback pictures from celebrities, back when they were kids, and we must say, not much has changed for them as well (except the money, of course). You got to check out these celebrity throwback photos which prove that they have stayed the same throughout these years, at least the kid in them. Have a look yourself:

1. Taylor Swift as a kid

No matter how much old do we grow, the little child we have on the inside of us still remains the same. Taylor Swift's expression says it all, you can't deny that her pictures aren't adorable. Taylor Swift fans must be pleased how the famous singer has stayed the same.

She slays with her expressions

Nothing changed as far as her excitement is concerned, it's just more of paparazzi around now.

2. Drake with his uncle steve

I'm sure you also had a good time with your uncle and this picture reminds you of it.

Drake in his infamous Hotline Bling avatar

Drake who "Started from the bottom" seems to be doing good now.

3. Jessica Alba with her dad Mark D Alba

Jessica seems to be having a good time with that funny face of hers.

Jessica Alba partying with Snoop Dogg

As they say, family means more than blood and she does appear to enjoy her new family.

4. Ludacris was playful

The enthusiastic warrior in childhood turned out to be a guy playing along with sea waves. Have a look at the next one.

Not much has changed since then

The same excitement and energy can be seen flowing through his blood.

5. Kylie Jenner prefers Adidas over Puma

Kylie has a fascination with the brand Adidas since the next picture you'll also be seeing has Kylie wearing the same brand.

Is it a brand deal or something?

Don't know about that yet it's certain that an Apple iPhone has made its way and now she's the only one in the frame.

6. 11-year-old Justin Bieber

The guy was never short of charm and aggression too. Puzzled? Look at the next image

He grew up and started choking people

It looks that it is an act full of fun, but it also reveals that Justin might be a follower of the iconic Backstreet Boys.

7. Beyonce slayed as a kid!

She is short of one tooth but nothing short of cuteness. She eventually gained a lot more maturity in life.

Again, she has not much changed since then

The lady changed in the years to come and now has that spark in her.

8. Britney Spears

The red hot lips babe had a love for red supposedly since she stuck with the colour in the coming years too.


The sassy girl went on to become hotter but never parted ways with the colour.

9. Mario Lopez in Straight Outta Chula Vista

Probably you must be having a T-shirt written Straight Outta Chula Vista on it, but the guy chose to switch profession later in life.

Mario Lopez is now famous for his humanitarian work

Now, he lives a life dedicated to others.

10. Kourtney Kardashian in her 80's fashion

This girl here saw a drastic change when it comes to fashion.

Kim and Kourtney on St. Patrick's Day

She now just knows how to live like a diva and flaunt her charm.

11. Obamas then:

Barack doesn't look to be a romantic chap, but with time he did turn out to be a different being.

Obamas now:

Now, both have a good time, especially when the former president whispers something into Michelle's ears and she cannot control her laugh.

12. Lindsay Lohan as a princess

A lover of watches, aren't we all? But, LiLo here knew how to dress then, and after some years it only got better.

She looks like a princess even now

With that sparkling necklace and tiara, the lady couldn't look better. She still wears the watch if you didn't notice.

13.  James Van Der Beak wearing cowboy boots

That's a fun-filled memory when James is seen wearing boots the size of his legs. Like old whisky, he just got better in the coming years.

James celebrating his holidays

He still doesn't prefer to wear anything on top.

14. Snoop Dogg 22 years ago

More of hairs is what you're going to see on Dogg's head along with a different beard style.

This man hasn't aged a bit!

Even the gaze you see in his eyes did not even fade a bit

15. Aziz Ansari was a playboy back in the days

You must be feeling jealous of the photographs he got clicked when young. I've got good news for you; his adulthood is just as good as yours.

He still continues being the minority

See, told you. The man's clicks of the present time are just the same as any of yours with friends. Your's might be better, in fact.

16. Kanye West: When he wasn't arrogant or egoistic

Times change so does people. Now he has a daughter, and she has a terrific stare in the camera's lens.

Kanye with his daughter North West

Mr West is also all cheerful and seems like having a good dance with daughter on the back.

17. Chelsie Handler is covering herself up with inanimate objects

Chelsie here was young enough evidently to understand what she is doing.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Lastly, apparently, she still enjoys getting that kind of clicks.Updated by Cnishq