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17 Illustrations Depicting The Pain Of A Pregnant Woman In The Most Hilarious Way

We all know, "Everything on this planet comes with a price, every single thing", and so does pregnancy. No doubt that pregnancy is a very beautiful thing to happen, in fact, the most powerful creation of God is to have a new life growing inside you: there is no bigger gift to any woman than this but accept it, no woman has ever told that pregnancy is glamorous. They face problems that you and I can hardly imagine.Owing to the daily problems of pregnant women, illustrator and a mother of two, Line Severinsen has sketched out a few cartoons. She has beautifully illustrated the feelings of motherhood both happy and sad in a very funny way.All those women on their way to giving birth, do not worry as you are not the only one on this way and trust me, it's absolutely okay to act a little less perfect at times.

17. "Can I touch it?"

Your belly turns out to be like some kind of a magical ball, those kids can't stop themselves by touching it. Irritating at times, isn't it?

16. Can't reach it, don't

The day it is, you cannot see your feet anymore, third tri-semester is on.Images' source

15. Ha-Ha. Very Funny!

Your husband's greatest fear of lifetime... LOL.

14. Real struggles

All those 9 months you beat your brain hard for your baby's name, the starting letter, the meaning and what not.

13. "Okay, Calm Down!"

You wonder now and then if there is some football match going inside your tummy.

12. The Wait!

You wonder how much time will it take for you to get back to your beautiful sexy figure.

11. The 'compliments'

And those speculations going on around you, that'll scare the shit out of you.

10. "We'll be pregnant together"

So, your husband is turning into your counterpart. ROFL. Well, at least he's got the belly for it.

9. Something unwanted

The hormonal changes which you undergo from pregnancy makes sure you have unwanted hair where ever on your body.

8. The "Rational" cravings

Those sudden cravings for a particular flavor and delicacies. And the ending of it, right before you take a bite.

7. Must... stay... sober

Hats off to your self control for not having alcohol even on your birthday, at least for those 9 months.

6. "Her water broke!!!"

And as the days get nearer, you never know, where you may have to deliver your baby.

5. The midnight screams

Oh, did I mention? You cannot sleep in any position comfortably. And the cramps... Ha ha, good luck with that.

4. Must... stay... positive

Meanwhile, you keep preparing your self mentally for the final battle by watching all those pregnancy shows.

3. Like a plank.

Your sleeping posture is same for almost a year - like a cow pretending to be a dead bird.

2. Right comfort

So, you grab all those pillows in your house for that 'just right comfort'.