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Ever Wondered How Often Should You Pee And How Does It Affect Your Health?

Peeing or urinating is a daily bodily routine which enables our body to take off all the toxins and wastes we've had, in a form of a whitish-to-yellowish liquid. I know it is stupid of me to know introduce to you something you already know. But did I tell you that you'll have to make sure that you are able to pee regularly, or else you might just get a bad news later. On the top of that, observing some information related to this activity says a lot, swear. "Why do we really have to pee?" "In a day, how often do we have to pee?" "What are the consequences of peeing regularly or missing out on it?" "How would one define if you're healthy or not just by looking at your pee?" "How can we sustain regular peeing?" Let us answer those things for you, in a very understandable manner.

Don't miss out on these 6 things!

1. If you're peeing just two times a day, beware!

"You are dehydrated!" To be honest, dehydration kills. It must be way more than that.

2. Look at the color of your urine.

Once you're dehydrated, you will observe that the color that comes out of your, Uhm, 'urinator' is Dark Yellow. You can print this image, or put it on your smartphones, and compare this chart to your urine the next time you're going to do it.

3. Normally, pee urges bother you a lot.

Say, you drink much water. It will give you some hassle like it will pressurise you to visit the nearest toilet or pee station every single hour, or every two hours.

4. How would you sustain this healthy but 'bothering' condition?

Simple, just drink at least 8 and at most 16 glasses of water everyday. Doing so will help with the balance of sodium levels and electrolytes on your body, and processes on your body that requires water will flow smoothly.

Wait, a lot is to come!

And do not do what's shown in the image above!

5. Exercising regularly or sweating too much?

No problem! Heighten your water intake, and make sure that your increase is tolerable by the body. For these concerns, better seek assistance to nutritionists, dietitians or doctors around.

6. Is there any way I could stay hydrated without drinking too much water?

Sure. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly, like oranges, watermelons, apples, etc. But this is not a perfect substitute to water. Keep drinking water and take these things separately.

Stay fresh, healthy, calm and clean!

Avoid diseases such as Urinary Tract Infection, kidney-related sickness and some others. Don't let that pee wait. Let it down and replace it with more water immediately.