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15 Unusual All-round Facts About Pee You Should Not Miss To Know

From knowing the number of times you pee to 'how to pee' without letting the stream go anywhere on the toilet seat, today you'll be getting to know all that you've been unaware of. The following 15 points will tell you aspects related to urine you have forgotten or never cared to remember, but they carry great importance in your life. Since you're losing a significant amount of urine in an entire day, at times you also face problems in urinating, so we thought to invigorate you about them and assure you that you're not the only one to face them. Ready for pee etiquettes, inspection and other bizarre facts about it.Apart from coming out in different colour shades, one of the weirdly interesting facts is that it can whiten our teeth. Eww! But that's 100% true; apart from this, pee is a sign that depicts our overall health as well.Let's scroll down here to know more about our 'inside out' bestie. 

1. Girls don't pee from vagina

The organ in the female body for dispensing the urine is urethra and not a vagina. There is another place present above the vaginal opening to serve the purpose.Source

2. For whitening teeth

Eew! Well, it sounds disgusting, but the remains of your urine will result in whiter teeth as per Roman authors like Catullus. Because ammonia is a good chemical agent for removing stains, that is what urine decomposes into.Source

3. Pee composition

Your urine contains 95% of water approximately.Source

4. Will you go and pee in that vacant spot?

If that's a NO, then you're probably suffering from Paruresis in which you carry a phobia of people being around, resulting in your incapability to urinate. 

5. Age affects stream

As you cross the age of 50, there's a 33% chance that your flow of urine is restricted by the inflammation of the prostate gland resulting in the stream getting weaker.Source

6. Oliguria

Did it sound alien to you? Well, if your body is producing abnormally small amounts of urine, then the condition is called Oliguria.

7. 3000 components

Your urine's composition has more than 3000 compounds.Source

8. You pee for 7 times a day

It's the case when you're normal, although I wouldn't label you as abnormal if you don't do it for seven times a day or you do it more than that. It depends on your consumption of food and drinks, yet if the frequency is too high or low, then you should see a doctor.Source

9. Potential gunpowder

Your urine contains nitrate also among the 3000 compounds, which then can be converted from calcium nitrate to potassium nitrate. After that is done, combine it with charcoal and sulphur; there you have it, gunpowder from urine.Source

10. Bladder capacity

On an average 1500 ml of urine is produced in your body in 24 hours and the bladder is only able to hold 400 to 600 ml of it. That means if you force yourself in not going to the restroom then after 9-10 hours, you'll pee in your pants because of the pressure. Don't try it at home.Source

11. Colour identifications

If you're keenly interested in knowing what would your urine colour mean then this is the right place to start with.

12Unless you're colour blind

There are chances of your urine going through a variation but that's fine. You know how they say, there's order in chaos.

13. Just don't fill a glass to check it out

Yes, the colour also depends on what you eat just like what your liquid diet.

14. You'll be totally fine unless you pass purple urine

Now, when you know about the colour purple, if you fall in the last category then this story will not help you but the coming image certainly will.Source

15. Know how to pee when hard

Well, I’m sure you don’t want your seat to be messed with your urine and that is why you just have to see and learn. The right part of the image perfectly explains how to pee with an erect part.Not a fact about your urine but I’m sure it will come in handy for certain.Updated by Cnishq