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Disturbing Illustrations That Show True Face Of Society's Double Standards     

Humans keep learning from its mistakes and try to be better. We may have moved ahead in our lives in last few decades. But some things have not changed. For instance, double standards still exist in our society. It seems that gender equality is confined to being a phrase because women are still perceived as objects and plastic dolls by their male counterparts.  Certain things, which are cool for men are considered weird for women. Rich and high-class people degrade the poor and lower sections of the society. Kate Leth is a Canadian comic book creator whose artwork on 'Double Standards' went viral on internet. Not only do they address the double standards on gender inequality but also how people look at instances as per their convenience. Check out these nine disturbing illustrations by Canadian artist, which prove that double standards still exist in our society.    

1) Women should act modestly.

It is ok if a man is seen scratching his ass on the street but a woman can’t rub her breast in public. People won’t spare a second thought to blame her upbringing and family background if she does so. 

2) The one who has power and authority can rule the world.

I completely agree with the phrase: When money talks, no one checks the grammar. No one questions if rich and powerful people do anything wrong or create a nuisance.

3) I never knew that texting is also gender-biased.

Use of certain emoticons and smileys can affect the perception of people. Really! 

4) People are always ready to comment on woman’s look. 

If a woman wears makeup every day, she is asked to be natural. On the other hand, if women choose to go without it, the poor lady is again questioned for her looks. 

5) People mourn only under conditions favorable to them.

Victims are innocent in some riots otherwise it’s perfectly alright if people are killed in the war. Oh come on! Give me a break. 

6) Woman’s body should be perfect.

Even sugar daddies need some eye candies. But, no one questions their creepy and lethargic personality. Then why does a woman need to adjust herself to this society? 

7) Gender bias is a common issue in the society.

Girls can run after a handsome guy, but guys can’t chase a hot girl. Why the hell people can't change their outlook towards men? Chasers are not always rapists. 

8) Everyone has the right to marry.

If marriage is a sole right of every individual, then no one has got the right to interfere in it. Be it inter-racial marriage or gay marriage, society will always find a way to show its double standards. 

9) I disagree with this lock and key concept. 

Everyone has got the right to have sex and nobody should question it. If you agree to these double standards persisting in our society, then share these illustrations with your friends and family.