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Is Your Second Toe Taller Than Other Toes? Find What It Says About Your Personality 

Whether we try it or not, our body is a reflection of who we are inside. One can simply glance at us and tell exactly what kind of a person we are. And no, I am not talking about the way we dress or how close we are to hygiene - but in fact, how our bodies are designed.For many years, foot reading is being practiced extensively in India and China. It is believed that feet act as reflectors to our body and personality. Any issue in feet depicts the problem elsewhere. For instance, if you find a fallen arch, then it is an indication that you are surely facing back problem. There’s more to it; it is also believed that mind and body are inextricably connected, and so physical disorders can be an outcome of personality.Let's find out what celebrity foot reader has to reveal about your personality after studying your feet. 

Jane Sheehan, celebrity foot reader and reflexologist.

Jane says that feet show a deep relationship between different aspects of human body starting from digestive system to the state of relationships. By just looking at your feet, it can be determined whether you are an adventurous person or a harmony desiring one.

Big toe

People who have toes longer than other fingers are smart, intellectual and creative. They have clear solutions to the problems. On the other hand, if your toe is smaller, then you are multi-tasking person, and you use your style to influence others.

Second toe

People with longer second toe tend to carry leadership qualities. They can pretend to be bossy. People with smaller second toe prefer order and harmony in the life.

Third toe

As per Jane Sheehan, if the middle toe relatively comes out long; then it indicates that those people are innovative, resourceful especially at work. They try achieving success with their willpower and energy. But this can also be a disadvantage as those people forget their family and fun. In contrast to longer third toe, people with shorter toe love enjoying their life to the fullest.

Fourth toe

People with elongated straight toes keep their family as a top priority, and if you have this toe as a curled one, then it means that you face an unhappy relationship with your loved ones. These people are perfect listeners. On the other hand, the short fourth toe reflects stress somewhere else instead of family.

Little toe

People with small little toe tend to act childish. They find themselves far away from responsibilities. These people are fun loving and witty. 

Toes graduated in size.

If you find an increase in the size of each of succeeding toe creating a neat line, then it shows that you are a practical and organized person. Besides this, you prove to be the best employee and a loving friend.

Wide feet

People with the wide feet are always ready to go for anything. They keep themselves busy and find their happiness in work. Along with that, they make some time out for calm in their life.

Long narrow feet

These people do not like to be bothered with hard work if someone else finishes their work. Moreover, they require beauty around them and possess ornamental sense.