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She Decided To Go To The Gym With Only A Bra On, But Then....

A workout is an essential part of a person who needs to stay fit in today's busy age and life. People prefer various style options to keep fit - some choose to take a walk in the park early morning, some prefer yoga.  And those who don't find time for themselves in the mornings find a convenient time to sweat in some nearby gym.     What do you see whenever you go to the gym? No, we aren't talking about the machines and treadmills, but something else. Maybe you see a lot of men wearing only tank tops and trunks, and sometimes they won't even wear anything at the top. But that doesn't surprise anyone, right?But what about women? Do you see them wearing similar clothing? Well, this is what one woman realized when she went to the gym with only a sports bra on top. Well, take a look at what happened after that.      

Feeling comfortable.  

Lauren Del Turco was used to wearing a tight Speedo all the time. This is because she was once a competitive swimmer and a lifeguard.    

Sometimes, she wore a long sleeved shirt.

However, she doesn't like wearing too much whenever she is at the gym.  

After all, guys get away with it all the time.

Think about it. The males in the gym can simply wear a tank top that sometimes reveals their nipples, and yet it is perfectly okay.    

Her editor asked her for an experiment.

Lauren Del Turco writes for a health website. The website editor wanted her to go the gym with only a sports bra on top as part of a social experiment.    Source   

Initially, she was worried.

She did not want people to notice her much, especially when she starts sweating.  

She went to gym next morning. 

At first, she felt weird that she was showing her stomach, but she realized that it doesn't really matter.   

When she went to the locker room, she wore a shirt.

This was because she was still nervous. But the next day she decided to wear only the sports bra because she had gained more confidence.   

Surprisingly, she did not get many stares. 

That's right. But there were some men who stared at her. One person stopped his exercise to look at her. Nonetheless, she handled the situation well.      

She began to appreciate her body.

Even though she did not have an amazing body, she was still proud because she was able to exercise well.