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Can You Guess The Deep Messages Depicted In These Amazing Illustrations? 

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time," writer Thomas Merton had said it once. Art allows us to express our emotions. Happy, sad, or in love, any feeling can be expressed through lines and colours. Sure, people look at the same illustrations, but the message inferred by an individual can differ from person to person. Sometimes, creativity takes the form of messages. And when these messages are taken in, they strike a chord in our hearts as they showcase us our reality. Here are illustrations from DestinyBlue that have deep messages to convey about life and love. DestinyBlue is one of DeviantArt's most recognized artists. DeviantArt is a well-known website on which DestinyBlue posts her work. Her artworks depict daily human struggles and fights. Along with the messages, the style of these digital paintings is pleasing. If you want to find out more, read below.     

1. This is what depression feels like.

You want to feel good but you have no control over your feelings.

2. Distance does not matter.

Both of you might seem far away from each other but deep inside you are together. 

3. You cannot easily forget the past.

It takes some time to heal all wounds. 

4. Friends give you happiness.

Through your friends, you find delight in life. 

5. You need to sew your own broken heart.

Sometimes, you have to fix your problems on your own. 

6. The warmth of love.

The physical feeling might be gone but the memory stays.  

7. Depression is real and people need help.

They want you to be happy but you have to know if their willingness to help you is genuine.  

8. You have to solve your puzzle.

Life is a puzzle and you have to solve it alone, at times. 

9. In the end, there is hope. 

Their is always a little ray of light to guide you to the right path.

10. Being naked means showing your feelings.

It is not about physical nudity, it is about opening up (to someone).  

11. Being alone can make you feel imprisoned.

People need a helping hand, at times.

12. The key to your freedom is within you.

Do not always rely on others, your happiness depends on you. 

13. You have to fix yourself.

It can be difficult, but it will be worth in the end.

14. Women are brave, regardless of their appearance.

Women have to deal with a lot of things every day, but they still remain elegant. 

15. Pain leaves a mark on you.

They might get hurt, but it will make them tougher.

16. Depression is not easy to detect.

Look at the signs and do not take them for granted. 

17. You are as complex as the universe.

Humans are complex beings. We carry our own unique worlds within. 

18. You have to set yourself free.

If you want to be free, you have to let go of some things. 

19. The complexity of the world can ruin you.

Do not let things keep you down. 

20. You are like the stars.

You do not have to look up, simply look at yourself to find beauty. 

21. People require more sensitivity than others.

Do not approach everyone thinking that they are all the same.

22. People have their own secrets.

You have to know them to find out. 

23. She has to create her own wings to fly.

You have to work hard, even if others don't believe in you. 

24. Pain leaves a scar on people.

Words hurt, so choose them wisely.