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23 Photos That Are Too Comical To Be A Coincidence

Do you know a common speciality in the most memorable of the incidents that happen with us? They are always the unplanned ones, surely. The coincidental ones. The ones you never know will happen; they can be disastrous or even funny, they can bring laughter or pain, but they surely are brilliant. Any moment that is caught on camera has some significance in our life. These photos though were captured at the right time, right place and right position.There are moments when these coincidences happen, and you're not sure whether they really are coincidences or something that has been perfectly planned or something that just happens consciously. So, here are some really funny moments that will confuse you whether they really are coincidences or not. Did they happen by mistake? Was everything just well timed? Does it even matter in the end? Enjoy these hilarious and comical pictures and brighten your day with a cheerful and 'well planned' smile.

1. For your hairline

This one definitely stole the show and had me rolling on the floor laughing, literally. What were the odds? Didn't this man know that the airline he was traveling with was exclusively made for his hairline! FYI- This could have been an amazing native advertising idea for the airline. LOL!

2. Be warned!

3. He fits right in.

4. Literate cars

5. Coffee cups and that tee!

6. Essentials, after all!

This vampire surely knows where to go to survive. After all, survival is necessary.

7. So much to prove it.

8. Oh, cereal!

This surely ruined these cereals for me, man, I'd never look at them the same way ever again.

9. Convergence.

Isn't this amazing? The signs totally converge with the reality.

10. Oh, irony!

Ironic moments are really the best. It's like - Well, hey I didn't have to do anything to prove you wrong.

11. No chew!

Another ironic moment, so bitter nobody decided to chew it. Well, yeah.

12. Twins!

Well, it looks like when Justin Timberlake had that noodles hairstyle, they make twins.

13. Let me lick this.

I scream, you scream, everybody screams for Ice-cream. This guy will lick it away; he's got the tongue for it.

14. Following commands.

In a world ruled by technology, I do what the machine asks me to do. No questions.

15. Pay attention.

You could be the next one if you don't pay attention to the news that goes around you.

16. Really?

Well, don't state things before making sure they are practically possible. Lying costs you. 

17. The devil.

This one is for the devil that is inside you; may he never come out on TV.

18. Is this real life or is it just a fantasy?

Wait, were these guys aware about it? It has to be the case.

19. Destiny

It was their calling after all, how could they ignore it?

20. Batman

Maybe the wife didn't know or maybe she pretended that she didn't. NANANA!

21. Smart doggy

Isn't it lovely when your dog follows your commands and behaves like a good dog?