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The Darkest Secrets Of The 'Full House' Show Have Finally Come Out 

Being one of the biggest Full House fans, I always thought that the Tanner family was synonymous with perfection. Indeed, no one in the whole world could find a single flaw in the famous clan. However, like all the things created by God, they weren't perfect either. Plus it was a man-made creation and the creators kept some secrets from you. They had some major aspects covered behind the lens that are now revealed. And, you need to know them right, so why wait? Check them out now. 

1: Jodie Sweetin was addicted to meth.

This middle child of the 'Tanner' clan was undoubtedly one of the most adorable members of the family. You might also have looked up to her. But as the show ended in 1995, she had a hard time coping with the fact that she did not have the job anymore and turned to drugs for help. As it turns out, she became addicted to methamphetamine.

Jodie returned!

Thanks to the support she had from her friends and family, they didn't let her succumb to the addiction, and she was out of it.

2: John Stamos was charged with DUI (Driving Under Influence.

The squeaky clean image John proudly sported tarnished in the year 2015 when he was caught driving under the influence of a common club drug GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate).

Fuller House producer

Well, after checking going into rehab in the year 2015 he was able to get rid of the habit and now is the producer of Full Huse's sequel only - Fuller House. 

3: Bob Saget and Danny Tanner were miles apart

In contrast to the clean portrayal of humorous Danny, Bob had one of the dirtiest minds around the house. Hence, it was pretty hard for Bob to censor his acts on the sets.

Perfect dad

Bob will remain to be a perfect dad, in the serial or to his three daughters (Aubrey Saget, Lara Melanie Saget, Jennifer Belle Saget).

4: Olsen twins and Heath Ledger

People doubted Mary-Kate Olsen after Heath Ledger's death as she was the first person Heath Ledger's maid called after she had found him unconscious. However, Mary-Kate refused to say anything about the matter.

5: Dave Coulier pissed Alanis Morisette off

People have always been weary about whom Morisette has been singing about in her famous break-up song "You Oughta Know." Some speculate that it was about her messy break-up with Alanis Morisette.

6: Family centric

There were supposed to be three comedians in the show who will live in the same house. Jeff Franklin, the creator, was informed that ABC is looking for family-centric sitcoms and because of that, it was decided Joey Gladstone was the comedian.

7: Story behind Uncle Jesse

After John Stamos became a part of Full House, he disliked the name Adam and changed it with Uncle Jesse. "Jesse Katsopolis" was supposed to be "Adam Cochran", similarly Jesse's last name got changed from Cochran to Katsopolis in between the first and second season as per Stamos's wish.

8: Jesse's wife 

Lori Loughlin was a part of the Full House cast for only six episodes. After gaining popularity as Aunt Becky, she became a permanent member of the cast.

9: Olsen twins

Due to child labor laws, only one of them used to act at a time. After they had grown older, producers were going to continue with only one, Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, but it was John Stamos who convinced them to keep both. The next also happened due to this.

The credit twist

The producers didn't kick either of them out yet never revealed it to their audience that a single role is being played by two actresses. The credits of the show also appeared as Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen, it was only in Season 8 that they got individual credits as Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.

The 'character names' remedy

Due to the Olsen twins being very young while acting for the TV series, they were told the character names only of the cast acting. This was to prevent them from getting confused with the actual names and the character ones while filming.

10: Actual sets

The show was shot at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles but was portrayed as if it was San Francisco. The first episode of Season 8 - "Comet's Excellent Adventure", was the only exception when it was shot in San Francisco.SubscribeUpdated by Cnishq