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Your Fingers Can Predict 'Manhood' Size And Other Weird Facts About Human Body

Well, it's crazy to realize how much your body tells about you. The lines on your palms tell your future, your expressions give away what's on your mind and so much more. It's a wonder that our bodies with such amazing hacks. And did you know that the size of your fist is roughly the size of your heart?But out of all those hacks that our bodies provide, I'm pretty sure these ones are the weirdest. Did you know that your fingers can tell the size of your manhood? And that's not the only weird relationship between parts of the body - there are loads more, and here we are with the best of them. All of them have been established through scientific study, and so they are true, no matter how untrue they might sound.So check them out and be awed!

1. Youthful skin and heart disease

It has been recently discovered that there is a strong correlation between youthful skin and low blood pressure, and hence, lower chance of a heart disease.

2. Restless legs and erectile dysfunction

The restless leg syndrome is very common, but it is much more dangerous than it sounds. A research has shown that those with restless leg syndrome have a 50% more chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction as compared to people not suffering from this condition.

3. Chewing is linked to dementia

It has been found in a study that those who have trouble chewing have a high chance of developing dementia. Not only that, according to Sunday Express, eating lesser chewy and crunchier food reduces the risk of the illness.

4. Relation between height and voice

A certain part of our voice, known as the subglottal resonance, depends on our height. It deepens, that is, gets lower with height.

5. Eyes can tell about IQ

According to Daily Mail, it has been found that the width of the blood vessels in the retina, located at the back of the eye, can tell a lot about brain health.

6. The index and ring finger tell about prostate cancer risk

A study has found that men whose index finger is longer than their ring finger are at a lower risk of prostate cancer than the others.

7. Cold sores and memory disorders

A study has discovered that people who get cold sores on their lips regularly have a relatively higher chance of developing memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

8. Snoring and glaucoma

Researchers have found that those who snore are almost twice as likely to develop glaucoma within five years.