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17 Horrifying Confessions About Sleeping With Best Friends 

In present age, relationships have become complex. A person leads multiple lives, be it with friends, family or colleagues. Since all these aspects are so fragile and intricate that we prefer to keep each of them apart. We often keep relationships and business away from the friendship. But what about getting intimate with one's best friend?  How does it feel like? How will it turn out to be? How does it feel afterwards? Some people will never get to know as they are too afraid to break the ice and check the water for themselves. But we can always ask those who have tested the waters and have shared their experience.     Here are few confessions revealed on Whisper, which people have revealed about their secretive relationship with their close friends.         

1. End of friendship

Well, I can only imagine how terrible it must've felt. Sometimes, the sexual drive makes us take some decisions that we might end up being not very proud of. 

2. Unintentionally hooked up

Sometimes, you think what is happening is just right. But suddenly, the reality hits you making you realise it was anything but 'right'.  

3. The secret

The phase of denial is the worst. You can't admit that it happened, but can also not look past it. 

4. Ignorance

The moment becomes very intimate for both of you, but sometimes, this intimacy leads to distances.  

5. Feelings involved

Ignorance is bliss. But when you are the one ignored, it is far from bliss. Especially, when there are feelings involved.   

6. That wasn't a special thing

Sometimes, it might end up being nothing, not a big deal. You might feel indifferent. 

7. What to do?

And won't it be funny, if all this ordeal turns out to be a disappointment?  

8. Cause of broken relationship

The biggest fear of making such a move is that it would jeopardise the beautiful friendship that you would cherish.  

9. Getting uncomfortable even with a thought of it

Though a long time passes by, the factor of uneasiness never gets off.   

10. Escape

And the uneasiness is mutual, some tend to try and talk it out, while some prefer to escape from the truth - not that it helps much anyway.  

11. Worried for the friendship

But at times like these, it is best to talk it out and make sure no page is left to turn over.  

12. A bit closer

Not that it always turns out bad. If we talk about it, we might actually become close friends. But you have to make sure.  

13. Heart full of pain

But you have to make sure where you are drawing your boundaries. A fling like this must not harm the those who are involved. 

14. Started dating

Talking also helps you to figure out whether you are standing on the same page. And if not, a clarification can be helpful. 

15. It was so much fun

And if you are on the same page, one can be lucky enough to have cool conversations like these too. But it is a risky game.   

16. Nothing more than friendship

You must realise that there is a difference between friendship and love for a reason.   

17. The strongest friend

And if you are lucky enough... well, you never know - You might realise that what you thought to be a friend is nothing less than a soulmate, ready to spend every moment with you. Share the story with your friends.