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15 Images Of The Laziest People In The World

It’s human nature to look for the easiest way out to get things done. Hence, we’re constantly looking for ways to make dinner faster, better organize our homes, or sneak in more time for ourselves?Sometimes there are smart, sensible ways to save a couple of minutes in the day. However, there is a fine line between doing something more efficiently and just being totally lazy!Necessity is the mother of all innovation. And given the fact that lazy people 'need' to avoid the expense of their energy, one can expect them to be really innovative, at times, even radical with their ideas! And as these pictures will go on to prove, the more a person is lazy, the more he's creative in the direction to remain lazy. Check these out!

1. No surprise machines are gonna take over one day.

2. Too lazy to pull a chair forward?

3. Well, as long as you get the job done...

4. Now that's interesting!

5. Don't step on it.

6. Ever heard of a bird too lazy to flap its wings?

7. Dude, make some effort...

8. As long as the windshield's clear, it's all well.

9. From lazy to genius.

10. Just one word- Cats.

11. Don't tell me you're too lazy to even get up.