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18 Problems Every Girl with Long Hair Goes Through 

Who doesn't love long hair? It is absolutely amazing. A young woman may say, "Wow, I have long hair, and I can do anything I want to do with it. I can tie a knot, yank it or keep it over my shoulder in style. Long hair gives so much flexibility of style. But, it's nothing like I never face any trouble with my long hair. I do face, and sometimes it even irritates me more than my expectation." C-Cassandra is a Canadian artist, who makes these awesome illustrations. She has made several illustrations of girls and their lifestyle. And in this series, she has tried to explain the problems faced by girls with long hair, and I for one could relate to it completely, and I think you would tooSo, let's get started.    

The nightmare!


Blegh! That's 'romantic'! 


Time for a workout.  


It is...


The cold never bothered me.   


It bugs me, every time. 


Treasure hunt.


But how?  


Sleeping like Rapunzel, waking up like Medussa. 


The struggle is real. 


Colleges are hard. 


Taste the wind! 


For once, please, be smooth!


Struggles of straightening. 


Oh, the horror!  


Seriously, HOW?


Furrier than Chewbacca. 


The water levels are rising. 

Share these painful hair problems with everyone. To follow more of C-Cassandra works, click here.Also, feel free to contact me at shailaja@wittyfeed.com and share your interesting ideas with me.Till then, Au Revoir!