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27 Times Celebs Didn't Care How They Looked At The Grammy  

One of the major aspects we look up to the celebrities for choosing fashion trends is that they are the best at it. They know what to wear, when to wear, and how to wear it. Not always does this come true, though they have a team of designers and people who help them with the trendiest clothing out there; it seems that they don't follow their pieces of advice. Where do all these celebs flaunt the dresses? Award shows.You all know Grammy Awards, and you also must be knowing it's not just another award show. The most celebrated show where celebrities go crazy and not only in the way they perform on stage but also in the way they dress-up. The following compilation of celebrity pictures who attended Grammy dressed up like not only insane but also shut down the rules of fashion. Ready? Let's browse then

1. Madonna back flip 

While Madonna arrived at one of the Grammy Awards, she chose to flaunt her apple booty through that back flip.

2. Bootsy Collins

Bootsy thought to come along with a 3-D leopard jumping out of his humongous jacket.

2. Nicky Minaj

Another one in the queue who thought to wear a dress in sync with a leopard's skin and a hairstyle which resembles cotton candy. 

4. Traci Bingham

The lady who chose to flaunt her assets with a bedazzled chest and nothing else on her.

5. Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam

Also known as M.I.A., the British rapper, on the other hand, didn't want to miss out on Grammy's and attended it along with her twins.

6. Lady Gaga

She chose to wear a dress in which none are able to come anywhere near her along with a pointy star in hand.

7. Rihanna 

If you were thinking of appearing subtle with no genuine intention, this might be the best way to explain. 

8. Margaret Cho 

The peacock studded woman even tried to add some touch of feathers on her shoulders yet couldn't do much with that scary look.

9. Pharrell Williams

The one who looked as if he had come to a beach walk had a Smokey Bear- inspired hat on top.

10. Mark Althavean Andrews

One thing which the red carpet was missing- Sisqó's (stage name of American R&B singer) attractive attire full of red leather with a white vest.

11. Toni Braxton

Don't know what she thought of walking on the red carpet but she certainly forgot to wear a lot of clothing and shocking everyone with a scantily clad.

12. Lil’ Kim

The biker with her helmet and heels on appears to be branding for Chanel. (Notice the waistline and helmet glass)

13. Joy Villa

Joy certainly wanted to spread a lot of joy among the audience when she was walking (almost) nude in one of the Grammy Awards.

14. Florence Welch 

Welch donning the dress of final boss of Super Mario Bros.

15. Monica Denise Brown

Monica thought to appear more like a Catwoman than bearing no clothes at all.

16. Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.

The man who goes by the stage name of 'Common' thought to wear an upper which looked like recently sewn up because it got torn.

17. OK Go camouflage!

OK Go is an American rock band which not only went ahead with uniformity but also the same design.

18. Christina Aguilera 

With a cleavage revealing dress, she wore the body of a pink Mr. Snuffleupagus.

19. Kid Rock

The Kid came with a cowboy look and an attitude which didn't give a shit about anything. 

20. Macy Gray 

The white mink-like coat told everything about the goofiness she carried.

21. NSYNC 

NSYNC, an American boy band, decided to be colourful in one of the Grammy awards, and it looks like they became the odd one out.

22. Sasha Gradiva 

Sasha came with guns loaded as an accessory instead of any gold, diamonds or pearls.

23. Foxy Brown

With a smile like that, I don't want to look at what she is wearing.

24. Bleona Qereti 

She fell from the sets of 300 to the red carpet of Grammy. *period*

25. Jennifer Lopez 

J.Lo knows how to rock an event like Grammy.

26. Katy Perry 

Katy at the music's biggest night as an angel with two wings on her back.

27. Ciara Princess Harris

Ciara seems to be walking with a cloud of smoke.SubscribeUpdated by Cnishq