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This Pregnant Woman's Photo Is All Normal Until You Look Closer

When you are in a relationship, every moment together becomes special in itself. But the moments that matter most, be it your birthdays, anniversaries and even marriage, you always strive to make them shine brighter than others. It's that smile on your partner's face that makes you feel fulfilled.And when your wife is pregnant, you want to capture the beauty of it all through a photo or a video. It's like a marriage because it means a new stage of your life together. It's a special moment as it brings a couple closer to one another.This is a photograph taken by a loving husband of her beautiful wife. Dan Moser was simply trying to take a photo of his pregnant wife at the beach, but as he did, something even better happened. Check out the story below.

The memory captured

The wife, Angeline Mozer, was nine months pregnant when this photo was taken.

A simple shot, nothing fishy

It is a simple, beautiful shot at the beach showing her baby bump.

Is it really just a picture?

However, her husband Dan noticed something at the back.


To their amazement, a Dolphin appeared out of the sea just in time. A dolphin happened to photobomb their precious moment.

Made it perfect

Angeline and Dave were so glad that the friendly dolphin appeared for the shot. To them, this made the picture even better.

Dolphins are quite friendly animals.

Dolphins are decent mammals that are accepting and friendly in nature. They interact with other humans rather nicely and hence, hold a popular reputation among humans.

They are also trained to do wonderful tricks.

Dolphins are often tamed and trained in ocean zoos in doing tricks for entertainment. They are quite intelligent creatures and learning rather complex tricks quite easily.

Even in the wild, dolphins will try to attract people.

Even outside marine parks and zoos, the wild and untamed dolphins also try to amuse people amidst the waves.

Dolphins can not only learn, but they can also grieve like humans.

Dolphins are greatly regarded for their intelligence and social temperament. Not just they are intelligent, but also they show a varied spectrum of emotions including joy and grief.

Thus, humans should not abuse this wonderful creature of God.

That's why one should be more respectful towards nature and all those who reside in it. Not just the dolphins, but there are creatures that understand how they are being treated and are capable of feeling. Just because they aren't human doesn't mean that they should be disrespected. Love the nature for the wide diversity it has to offer.