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17 Astonishing Photos Revealing The Most Memorable Events In Human History 

Humanity has witnessed happiness, sadness, anger, sympathy, apathy, and disasters, most of which have been captured by the camera. Throughout history, we have seen bravery and courage triumph over corruption and disasters. The end of wars, the end of genocides, the end of slavery etc show that all bad things come to an end. But they leave deep scars behind. History has taught us that nothing is permanent. If we gain something, we could lose it as well. Death and loss are not uncommon in history. But to deal with it requires courage and bravery. How do you rise above the circumstances when you don't have anything to live for?   Here are 17 photos that have captured the most significant events of humanity that depict the horror and devastation.    Have a look.  

1. Harold Whittles

This photograph was taken by Jack Bradley that reveals Harold's reaction. What is astonishing about this photograph is that Harold Whittles was deaf. This reaction was captured as he began to hear sound for the first time after doctors gave him an earpiece. You can imagine what that must have felt like!   

2. Aftermath of Tsunami 

The horrible Tsunami that occurred in 2004 ruined many people and left them without a family. This image captures the grief of a human being, as taken by Arko Datta. 

3. Tropical storm

This gloomy photo shows a kid pushing a stroller after the terrifying tropical storm 'Hannah' ravaged Haiti. 

4. Famine of Bengal

During the World War II, West Bengal was under a state of famine as 3 million people perished due to hunger and malnutrition. Source

5. The atrocities of war

Taken by Nick Ut during the Vietnam War, this photo shows how war totally ruins the lives of innocent people.

6. An industrial disaster

In December 1984, India witnessed the most horrendous industrial disaster as a gas leak affected half a million people and led to the death of more than 3,700 people in Bhopal. It is known as 'Bhopal Gas Tragedy.'   

7. Reunited with his daughter

This loving image was taken by Helmuth Pirath in 1956 as a World War II prisoner is freed and allowed to finally meet her daughter. 

8. Hitler in Paris

The Nazi dictator was seen in Paris with the architect named Albert Speer. Source

9. Caught in the act

This photo captures the precise moment when Lee Harvey Oswald was suddenly shot by Jack Ruby. Oswald was the sniper who killed US President John F Kennedy.  

10. Volcanic eruption in Colombia in 1985

Omayra Sanchez could not get out of the mud and the collapsed structures after the eruption of Nevado del Ruiz volcano. Because of the government's inability to provide immediate assistance, she died due to gangrene and hypothermia.    

11. Aftermath of war 

Carolyn Cole from the Los Angeles Times took this great image depicting the effects of the Liberian Civil War. 

12. Firing squad

Kurdish rebels alongside two of Shah's policemen were killed by a firing squad in 1980 in Iran.

13. Crisis in conflict

This image captured the tension as US President John F Kennedy is seen tackling the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. 

14. Police brutality

Taken in 1964 by Bruce Davidson, this image captured the police brutality as the authorities are seen dragging a man.