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What They Found In This Old Hotel Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

We live in a world where people with hugely diverse personalities co-exist comparatively peacefully. With such a diverse cast and crew, from Introverts to extroverts, from timid to bold, this world is the biggest stage of all. And among all the sane and crazy personas, there also resides a crowd with the ruthless mentality of a psychopath.What's interesting (and terrifying) about psychopaths and serial killers is that they may have an insane and extremely violent personality, but when they are analyzed even under supervision, they appear to come from completely normal background. The question that remains is how a seemingly normal and ordinary person can be one of the biggest and the most documented serial killer of all times!Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, America's first real serial killer was infamous for his gruesome acts. However, he had a pretty normal upbringing. When his house was investigated, some really scary and disturbing revelations were made, some of which will make you sick to the bone. Check it out:

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes

Originally named Herman Webster Mudgett, Holmes was a good student who graduated with a surgical degree. Seems pretty normal, right? However, it is alleged that after school, he pursued his hobby of disfiguring dead bodies.

The Murder Castle

He moved to Chicago in 1885 and abandoned his 3 wives. He ran a pharmacy and a little far away from that place, he built himself a house, which was called "Murder Castle".

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He advertised his castle in newspapers and several guests used to stay in his "hotel". Several women who stayed at his hotel became his lovers, employees... and victims.

Lending a hand

Holmes took help from Benjamin Pitezel, a carpenter, to bring his fantasies to life. Pitezel even built him a torture room. Their partnership ended with Pitezel's death... and the death of 3 children!Source

The evil payment

Pitezel’s daughters and sons were brutally murdered by Holmes. His daughters' bodies were recovered from the basement, however, all that remained of his son's body were his teeth in the crematorium.

Holmes was arrested

Holmes was arrested later, ironically not for his murders, but for horse swindling. In the prison, he confessed to his cell mate Marion Hedgepeth about his murders, who later informed the police and got him arrested.

The Torture Maze

When police investigated the castle, they found Holmes' sick torture maze. They found human bones and examination tables covered in blood. 9 murders were confirmed, however, the total number is somewhere between 27 and 100.

A merciless killer

Being a surgical student, he had developed a deep affection for blood and gore. Holmes killed men, women, and children mercilessly. When people got to know about his truth, they could not stomach it.

Holmes was executed in 1896

His biggest fear was that officers might dig up his body and do what he had been doing to others. 

His castle was destroyed by an arsonist in 1895

The man has left behind a dark legacy indeed. He was one of the first American serial killers, but certainly not the last.