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Photographer Shows Seductive Side Of Women When They Wake Up

The early beam is a time where someone has hardly seen a woman, with makeup on her face. In the beautiful bright light, you can spot her messy hair and fall in love with their yawning and yes, how can you miss her natural shiny skin, even when they are still half asleep. And may this sound like I am bragging, but any guy can fall in love with a woman if he checked out her innocent still seductive looks of the morning. Beauty is not about dresses, hairstyle, makeup, etc. but naturality. And you can’t find it better in any other time than the dawn. Their come-hither looks will hit you right away in your heart.Well, working on the same project Véronique Vial, a celebrity photographer, has created a unique, intimate atmosphere, where some infamous women are showing the inner beauties of themselves without wearing any makeup, and surprisingly, they all are looking beautiful!

Sofia Coppola

She looks damn cute! Just have a look at her gestures. They are delightful. Sleepyhead with no worries. Perfect!

Naomi Campbell

Move your hands and make your morning perfect.

Angelina Jolie

She is on fire! I can’t take my eyes off her. Babe looks seductive with this cigarette.

Stefanie Smith

Wait! What is this happening? Smoke before brush. Well, celebs have their own swag.

Patricia Arquette

She just looks like a baby doll. Sitting quietly as if she’s is talking with her eyes.

Helena Christensen

Wrapped up in a blanket, her half face covered with messy hair make her look angelic! Her intense eyes are gleaming like nothing else. She is looking innocent as a baby. Who says makeup makes you look beautiful. I would rather prefer to see these babes in their untouched looks. She looks alluring.

Daryl Hannah

Dog lover! My eyes into yours!

Julie Delpy

Hey, we caught you! Her sudden shocked expression makes her look cuter.

Gina Gershon

See how she looks, when she cooks. For no doubt, she looks charming.

Julianne Moore

Her reflection looks prettier than her. This is what is amazing about this beauty.

Julia Stiles

Let’s jump and shake this morning. It looks like for a second that she’s in space under no control of gravity.

Eva Ionesco

My morning with my toddler. The beauty of the pic can’t be defined in words.

Emma Wiklund

She looks sassy in this single shirt. Messed up hair and wandering gaze both suits her perfectly.

Dyan Cannon

Baby, I am a Superwoman. The freshness and charm on her face make this snap living.

Olivia Williams

OMG! Perfect time, perfect click. This is when you call a picture ‘Perfect'. Who is cuter than the Cat or Olivia? I think we can’t decide.

Maxine Bahns

What is more beautiful than a natural smile. This is a million dollar smile.

Ann Cusack

She looks sad but still adorable. She looks cute even in her tensed face.

Winona Ryder

Her still bit serious look makes her gorgeous.

Ione Skye

What a tempting look!

Denise Richards

She is killing it! Such a hot body and dapper looks are hard to find in a single soul.

Arielle Dombasle

Just one word to define this picture- Mesmerising!

Janice Dickinson

Like mother, like daughter. Both are pretty and pleasing.

Jennifer Beals

Morning smile with morning blessings.

Tatjana Patitz

Morning with loved ones is what anyone wishes for.

Reese Witherspoon

Her fierce look makes her look more beautiful.

Sigourney Weaver

Stretch your arms and give a perfect start to your morning.

Rosanna Arquette

Mother’s arms are the best place to sleep.

Alexandra Stewart

A cup of coffee and newspaper are the best things to start your morning with.

Claire Forlani

Her naughty looks can take your heart away.

Demi Moore

It seems as she is bit annoyed but no worries, she still looks like a sweetheart.