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11 Sure Signs That Tell Your Relationship Is Going To The Next Level

Everyone will agree when I say that love is the strongest emotion one can feel. People cherry pick their lovers because they want to give their heart to the right one. To get in a relationship, we start off by knowing each other. We figure out the compatibilities among ourselves and finally come to the conclusion whether he/she is your 'The Ultimate Partner'.   But what matters most here is whether the feeling you have is mutual. You two have been friends for the quite a long time and obviously, there's some romantic connection that hasn't been addressed yet. You like her and you know that she likes you too. But how to be sure of this? How can we break the ice without worrying where we may end up? Well, every couple depicts a few signs of comfort and that's what you should look for.    

1. You never run out of topics

You've run out of things. All you have left is some vague comments on a TV show that both of you like before gulping down the rest of the wine before things get even more awkward. But with this person, you never run out, as conversation just flows effortlessly.    

2. You'll share weird inside jokes

Over the years you have known each other, you'll have created such a comfort level that it's almost natural to have inside jokes. All the mispronunciations, funny incidents are food for the inside jokes.And if you are thinking about them only after meeting a few times, you are ready to take it up to next level.  

3. The 'F-word' doesn't really bother you anymore

... and I am not talking about 'fuck' - but something more serious - Family. Getting someone to meet your family makes you anxious. But if you're seriously contemplating it, then you're probably ready for the next level.Or you have probably met her family already and you're pretty cool with them.    

4. Their friends are excited to meet you

If her friends are excited to meet you, then they probably talk about you a lot. That's a sure sign to know if a girl is interested in the next move. And well, in case of guys, they are always ready to meet their buddy's new 'friend' even if they don't tell it explicitly.     

5. You use 'we' a lot

Shall 'we' check out this new movie together? 'We' should go grab a bite somewhere? 'We' should take a trip somewhere sometime. 'We' surely testifies both of you being tight as hell. If a lot of activities include the two of you, it's a signal clear enough.  Source 

6. She often modifies your looks

Maybe just by picking a new shirt or coming along with you for a haircut but she definitely gives her opinions on such things. It must mean you should look the part when you are 'with' her. 

7. She has left a toothbrush in your apartment

She might come over at your place so many times that she's bound to leave essential items like her toothbrush at your place. 

8. You comfort each other

When you're upset, you want to talk about it with her and vice versa. Both of you are so emotionally connected that you'll depend on each other for support.  

Topic of office gossip

If you talk about him/her at your office, or even casually mention them in any small talks, your colleagues will notice it. And if that is happening, you can be sure that this is more than just a fling.  

Agree to disagree

However perfect a relation is, a little disagreement is bound to happen. But what's important is that the spark that light up your world doesn't go off. You are allowed to not be on the same page and still be in love with the other.