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19 Celebrities Who Were Caught Picking Nose, Eww!

Let's admit that all of us have an annoying habit that we prefer not to display in public. From burping to knuckle cracking, from biting your nails to picking your nose, all of these are human habits.  But imagine you did these in public and later realised that you were being looked at? Embarrassing, right? Now imagine if our favourite celebs do that? Imagine seeing your favourite celebrities picking their nose. Weird, isn't it?   And if you can't picture that disturbing image, we at WittyFeed present to you celebs who were caught picking their nose - in public. And the result is - the whole world got to see them. Take a look. If you don't find your favourite celebrity in this list, you can feel glad. But if you do - try getting that image out of your head. *Evil Laughter*   

#1 Tom Cruise

To begin with, we present you Tom cruise fumbling for something in his nose, in presence of Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz. 

#2 Madonna

The Pop queen aims for her nose without being shy about it.

#3 Iggy Azalea

Music sensation, Iggy Azalea, had a not-so-pretty moment going for nose without a handkerchief or a tissue.  

#4 Donald Trump

Before becoming US President, his nose-dipping moment was captured during one of his election campaigns.  

#5 Britney Spears

Though Britney Spears has been in news for far much worse than this, her candid image of picking her nose is funny enough.  

#6 Jennifer Aniston

Now THAT is something I didn't want to see! 

#7 Lindsay Lohan

Another less-appealing candid pic of a celebrity.  

#8 Barack Obama

Sir, this is too far. 

#9 Jake Gyllenhaal

Many people adore him for his looks. Well, let these images of his sink in their minds. 

#10 David Beckham

When someone, who is an aspiration to millions, picks his boogers, we are left disgusted and speechless.

#11 Pierce Brosnan

"My name is Bond, Jam-- oh, wait! let me pick this booger!" Yuck!

#12 Zach Braff

Okay, Zach! That's as far as you go. Any further and you'd be touching your brains.

#13 Chris Hemsworth

Looks like the 'God of Thunder, Thor' got something up his nose. And he didn't prefer picking it low key. (Get it?)

#14 Pamela Anderson

Baby, stop it!

#15 Jennifer Lopez

Oh no, you are not supposed to EAT it!... Blergh! 

#16 Brad Pitt

Many people love him, but this is certainly not the reason.

#17 Amy Winehouse

This late British singer was spotted picking her nose. And looks like she wasn't happy about it.

#18 Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie, take out the napkins. Urgh! 

#19 Her Highness (England) 

I doubt that the royal ways of life allow the queen to pick her fancy boogers in front of her subjects. *Wink Wink*