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10 Warning Signs That Show You May Have Cancer

Everyone in this world is conscious about his or her health. And yes, it is necessary too. Many of us are not aware of changes taking place in our body. The occurrence of certain symptoms is too subtle to notice but they lead to fatal diseases in most cases. Cancer is one such ailment, caused by subtle symptoms. Seemingly common, these are usually easy to acknowledge and can be verified after medical check up. Though the symptoms listed below are a warning signal for cancer, two out of three people do not suffer from cancer just because they develop the symptoms mentioned below. At the same time, these symptoms seem like some common illnesses. But they have potential to develop into cancer. So, visit the doctor as soon as these symptoms surface. Also bearing a single trace or symptom may not be sufficient to reveal that it is cancer.  Here is the list of all those hints or clues that may be early signs of cancer.    

Lumps on body

If you notice an unexplained lump or presence of cyst on your body, it might be an early warning for the disease. Don't let it pass. Treatment of cancer is easy in early stages. Make sure to keep these symptoms in check!  

Bruises that don't heal

If you have any bruises on your body, that are taking unexpectedly long time in healing, make sure to get it checked. It can be an early sign of something chronic.  

Unusual moles

If you notice a mole on your body that changes in shape, size or colour or bleeds in unusual circumstances, make sure to get it checked. Don't ignore it.     Source

Loss of appetite

One of the symptoms is a loss of appetite. So if you find yourself eating less than usual, you must take care of it, as it is a disorder implying an unhealthy behaviour.   

Bowel habits

A change in bowel or bladder habits for no good reason should be treated with care. It should not be ignored. 

Unusual Bleeding

If you see blood anywhere – in urine, bowel motions, or from spitting, it is largely an alarming sign. It is a warning, not just for cancer, but about something unhealthy happening inside of you.  

Unexplained tiredness

The perpetual weakness that stays even after taking rest, then it is a clue to something unhealthy. Though it may not be sole symptom of cancer, it can be a sign of different ailments.   

Throbbing cough and cold 

Cough and cold are an indication that your body is fighting something. If it is intense and it pains your chest when you cough, it would be best to pay your doctor a visit.     

Difficulty to swallow

If you are having difficulty in swallowing food or the choking feeling in your throat, pay a quick visit to your doctor.