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7 Important Do's And Don'ts About Sleeping During Pregnancy

As much of a joy pregnancy is to a woman, it comes with its own complexities. Evidently, it is a major part of the 'miracle of life', but it also seems to be dragging the life out of you. Body changes are a quite common problem faced by every pregnant woman. The changes are so different that they face discomfort while doing normal things like standing, walking, and sitting.While expecting, even the most common and day-to-day activities become tiresome, if not downright impossible. Pregnant woman especially, experiences change in the sleeping position. They don't find it as comfortable as it was earlier and it's all because of the increased abdomen size, shortness of breath, frequent urination, and back pain. Not simply that, your sleeping positions also affect the health and proper formation of your baby.But, we have a solution to their problem that will help in providing a perfect nap and a sound sleep.

Knock Knock!

The baby wishes to come and meet you in all his/her health. It's best for you to be ready for a warm welcome.

#1 What are the wrong postures?

Say NO to sleeping/lying on back and stomach side. If you sleep on your back, you might find difficulty in breathing. Sleeping on your stomach is not a good idea, either.Illustration Courtesy - Healthyfoodnews

#2 The right posture

The best position to sleep during pregnancy is on the left side. Not only you, but also the baby is at a comfortable position, allowing its proper growth.

#3 Prefer using pregnancy pillows.

Pregnancy pillows are extremely helpful in providing a resting experience with it being soft and mushy. 

#4 Avoid drinking water between those 2 hours before sleeping.

If you are constantly being awaken in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom to pee, you’ll probably want to cut back on how much you drink right before you go to bed.Source

#5 Changes in the sleeping position trimester-wise.

Even the slightest of pressure on the stomach can be problematic for the baby. You should tend to the needs of your baby-belly.

There are not many variations in the postures, and most part is dealt by your body comfort itself. But when it comes to the health of your little one, it's the little things that matter!

#6 Wear loose clothes while sleeping.

Clothes are binding to the body and it is preferred that you should wear rather relaxed clothing during your pregnancy. It's only natural for you to wear even looser clothes while sleeping.

#7 For perfect sleep at night, forget worries.

This informational message is for every mother to be and for those who are planning to conceive. So, share it with as many women as possible and make their pregnancy safe and healthy.

Well, enough care. I guess now it's time for you to nap. Go on, but make sure you remember what we just read over here.Keep yourselves healthy and share it with those around you who're pregnant.