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18 Awkward Moments Which Can Make Anyone Feel the Cringe

We all come to face certain situations where we can't help but turn red out of awkwardness. The weirdest thing about such situations is that once they surface, there is no way you can avert the travesty. Whether it is unknowingly being the third wheel with a couple, or watching a movie with your parents that has passionate intimate scenes. Have you ever faced any awkward moment like these or a time when your friends trolled you badly?The internet is full of memes on these awkward moments that are relatable to such an extent that it almost makes you feel good that you weren't the only one. And sometimes, just looking at people having a slight misery, makes us feel a little better about ourselves.Down here, we have a fantastic collection of such awkward moments for you. Just scroll down and have a good laugh.

#1 That little sister, though!

The elder sister is trying her best not to show her jealousy, but the younger sis is not helping AT ALL!

#2 That look!

When your girlfriend's kitty too want an explanation for your suspicious browser history.

#3 Beaches aren't the best places to visit

Once again when those curves become an issue and you seem to wonder how life is always unfair.

#4 Where is your guardian angel when you need him?

Seriously, I have been here, and the numbers of "Please don't judge me" was quite uncountable.

#5 Okay, this is seriously unfair

It would be great to know what she thought when she looked at the obvious mishap.

#6 One, two... uh, three!

"Okay, Harry! It's time you figure out that the two of us are in a relationship. So, you better 'Wingarduim Leviossa' from here before I 'Avada Kedavra' your ass!"

#7 "Okay, don't look at it!"

I can understand. And when it gets uncomfortably close, and your friends stare at you with that grin... *blushing intensifies*

#9 One size fits all--most everything!

Go and try Betty! If you can't fit it, it can fit you!

#8 Childhood ruined!

This is the last I cry for candy.

#10 Hello!- No? Okay!

Been there, done that!

#11 Yeah, That's enough. No more Hugzies!

Is it that difficult for people to understand, that when I put out ONE hand out in their direction, I am not inviting them to hug me?

#12 Shhh! He's right there!

That mini-heart attack that lasts an eternity, hoping he was deaf enough to hear you because you know you weren't subtle about it!

#13 Mission: Abort! Mission: Abort!

I used to look literally at every corner of the room except the TV trying to prove that I am the most innocent child in the whole world.

#14 The look on the father's face

He must be thinking of ALL the decisions he took wrong, that made him sit right at that spot, in that very moment. That look of facing nothing but disappointment.

#15 Acknowledge your previlege

The awkward moment when you find your t-shirt text relevant AF!

#16 The most awkward conversation

The look on the guy's face says a lot about his fading faith in humanity.

#17 The t-shirt was supposed to say 'Canada'

An excerpt from '1001 Tips on How to Subtly Tell Him What You Like'.

#18 Holy crap!

Share with your friends and let them guess who this boy is. Make sure they have just consumed something to have an' additional projectile effect.