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10 Signs That Show You Are In A Healthy Relationship 

A healthy relationship doesn't drag you down. It inspires you to be better.We all think of having an ideal relationship. How your significant other reacts to your words, your touch, all matter a lot.  But not all relations end up fulfilling your love goals. Sometimes we are left disappointed, low, and worst of all - heart broken. How often have you seen people faking their relationship? They pass fake smiles to each other just for the sake of doing it. One can make out if a couple is faking it or it is for real. If you feel that you are in such a relationship, it is always better to end it before you get too deep into it.   This article lists 10 signs that show that you are in a healthy relationship. Read on to check whether your relationship is a healthy one. And if you find yourself doing most of these things, make sure to give your partner a hug for their efforts.   

1) Speak your problems:

This is an important sign. You and your partner should share a comfort level with each other so that you can speak up your mind. If you and your partner speak up whatever comes to your mind, then this is a healthy sign. 

2) You like being around each other:

Whenever you are with each other, you enjoy your time. You never get bored out of each other. Whatever you do, you find joy in it. Then, this shows that you are in a healthy relationship.

3) The right balance:

You ought to understand each other's problems and work on solving them. For example, if one has to work for longer hours, the partner does all the cleaning and cooking. In this way, you help each other.  

4) Trust:

Trust is crucial for a relationship. It is important that you need to trust your partner with everything. Trust is what relationships need to become stronger. Make sure that your partner has complete faith in you.  

5) Let things go and move on:

If a partner has made some mistakes, you need to forgive him. Learn the art of letting it go and move on. Sometimes, you need to forgive to build your relationship further.  

6) Talk to your partner, not to others:

If you have problems, you first talk to your partner about them before talking to other people.

7) Kindness:

You are always kind to your partner, you should never be rude even if you are in a false mood. You must never yell at your partner.   

8) Let each other know your feelings:

You need to tell each other how much they mean to you. You must admit your love frequently. Also, do not forget to be apologetic about your mistakes. 

9) Intimacy is the key.

You and your partner should share a level of chemistry. You need to have sex frequently as it develops a sense of belongingness.

10) Joint decisions:

All the decisions in your life are made by both of you. You should always discuss all the pros and cons before making a decision. And this can only be done jointly.