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10+ Signs of Ovarian Cancer that you May Be Ignoring

Ovarian cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases which I have ever feared of. It is one health condition which starts from the ovaries. It is a major cause of deaths. The cancer cells can affect the immune system. From the loss of appetite to occasional back pains, the symptoms share a vast range of problems and some even tell what stage cancer might be at. There are four stages of ovarian cancer. While we are too busy engrossed in the everyday rut of life, we tend to lose track of our health. But as it is widely said, 'health is wealth', ladies, you need to note these signs and monitor them. Find out the earliest symptoms of ovarian cancer and how to check on them, here. Stay safe and healthy!


Heartburn is when unwanted acid is produced in your body is moving up from stomach towards oesophagus; it causes burning pain at the back of your breastbone. The same leads to nausea too, the relation of the two with ovarian cancer is rare, yet you don't want to take chances if they occur persistently along with the following signs.Source

Pelvic pain

While having intercourse, there's a possibility that it becomes painful because of vaginal dryness, tightness, irritation (due to some infection) or poor hygiene of clitoris. Nothing new, yet in the case of pelvic pain (left or right) then, there's a high chance of advanced stage of cancer.Source

Abdominal swelling

This one is known to be a silent killer when it comes to ovarian cancer symptoms. Swelling around the middle portion of the body or distended body is the most ignored sign of your suffering. Don't ignore this one (if it isn't middle age spread or winter weight gain) and get yourself examined.Source

Severe fatigue

Just like life, persistence is the key here. You didn't eat properly and suffer from fatigue is one and directly relating it to ovarian cancer is different. Not all people who suffer from it have cancer. Also, cancer cells hinder the growth and functioning of healthy cells resulting in fatigue.Source

Loss of appetite 

Well, as cancer cells grow exponentially, if you're feeling full only after eating a few bites or not consuming much food as you used to then you may be progressing towards the disease. Source

Unexplained weight loss

There is chronic weight loss observed as the cancer cells use up much of the body's energy supply. As a result, what you eat does not reflect on your body.Source

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

With all that going on, the next system which this kind of cancer targets is your digestive system. Yes, ovarian cancer spreads like this, spoiling other parts of the body.IBS further causes diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, gas or bloating. Your immune system getting hit by all these at the same time is a major sign that you might be experiencing the start of ovarian cancer.Source

Irregular back pain

You worked out more than usual in the gym today or had a tiring day is one thing, and random severe back pain, another. It could mean that your cancer has grown outside of your ovaries and is in stage 2 or 3.Source


You feel tired all the time, no matter what you do; even when you do nothing at all. Source 

Breathing problems

According to doctors when cancer starts to affect other parts of your body, it has reached stage 4. Just like when you have trouble breathing and run out of breath more often then that's a stark sign. Source

Irregular periods

You've known a few symptoms by now, but the key is in not only knowing them but strictly observing the order of things. Irregularity in your periods might not be new but if it is happening along with the symptoms you've gone through by now or along with the ones you're about to read then, that it needs your attention.Source

Post menopause bleeding

You've entered the menopause phase and the periods have stopped, but after 12 months of time, they start again. It can be because of something minor as womb lining inflammation or major as ovarian cancer; don't take the chance and get the tests done.Source

Urine frequency

Lately, you've been urinating more than usual, and that isn't a good sign since that signifies one of the stage 2 symptoms of ovarian cancer.Source

Variation of symptoms

Lastly, remember, the symptoms you've read can be experienced by a person who has ovarian cancer on a daily basis or not at all. Ovarian cancer or not, there is something going wrong, and you need to get sorted, right? Plus, there's an age factor of the person being over 50 which makes the woman more vulnerable to the same and the family history of breast or ovarian cancer also has an impact on the same.P.S. It is not necessary that you have ovarian cancer if you face these symptoms, but consult an expert.