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Every First-Time Parent Would Relate To These Crazy Illustrations

They say that having a baby strengthens a relationship and brings the two people together. And this isn't wrong. It sure brings the couple together, but things aren't as beautiful as they seem. Just for the sake of a reminder, things don't get back to normal soon after pregnancy. In fact, life takes a 180-degree turn for both the parents. And to illustrate everyday post-pregnancy problems, we have Line Severinsen, an illustrator animator, and a mom of two from Bergen, Norway, owner of webcomics series 'Kos og Kaos', or 'Cuddles and Chaos' whose earlier series on pregnant moms' problems was a huge hit. She's here again to show the world how difficult yet memorable early parenting can be specially when it is your first child. And as always, her illustrations are nothing short of being accurate. Take a look.     

1. How to feed?

The 'how to feed' chaos, followed by nurse's 'help'.

2. Melon-choly

Midwife said, "You'll have breasts like Dolly Parton once you start lactating."  

3. Let's sleep together

The art of 'co-sleeping' is here at umm... perfection! 

4. Is she alright?

To visit a pediatrician is an everyday errand.  

5. Parenting role-model

And how can dads be spared from baby poop, pee and other sort of excreta! 

6. Happy Halloween (Maybe)

'Trick or Treat' doesn't stay adorable once you have your own wailing bundle of joy.

7. Party? I don't remember 

Partying goes bad-ass, since you can't get the mom out of a party animal.

8. Un-stress!

When mom's busy feeling the breeze, something else slips down along with stress.

9. Early in the morning

Even if you change your nap times drastically to match with that of your baby's, you'll wake up with groggy eyes. 

10. And the travels...

Travelling with kids isn't that easy. Right? 

11. The cry baby

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