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10 Strangest Adult Film Categories People Search For

Despite the ON and OFF bans on adult websites, the adult film industry is booming. There are certain categories that you might have not even heard of. Some people have dark fetishes and they only let them out when they prefer to go 'incognito'. From minor fetishes to snuff films, it has been getting weirder and weirder. These movies are made on 'special' demand from the viewers. So, you can only imagine how many people are actually interested in watching them. People's tastes differ from person to person.  The taboo around the categories of the adult film seems to be growing with more and more weird categories adding to the famous websites. And people are not hesitating to hit Google for some of the craziest adult films. Curiosity gets the best of them. But, how far are you willing to test yourself? Take a look at these categories. 

#1 Occult 

Performers of this category dress up as witches and wizards to create a paranormal scene. They act accordingly and people love it!  

#2 Figurines in Shower

Even the toys are not spared. The dolls and G.I. Joes are all made to take a bath while performing obscene activities. And there are many such videos on Internet!  

#3 Felching

In this category, the emission from men is taken in with the help of a straw. The thirst in some people has grown enough to love this category beyond imagination.  

#4 Japanese newsreader

Adult stars dressed as news anchors are loved by the dirty minds for some unknown reasons. Reasons, that I would not know.  

#5 Clown

These films depict clown fetishes in ways you can't imagine.

#6 Fish

Herein, the sea animals like fishes, eels, dolphins, and turtles are made to perform all kinds of acts a human is required to do in a film.

#7 Milking

Breastfeeding mothers can be seen in the videos under this category. Watching milking women is the perfect taste for some perverts!

#8 Menstruation

This is one of the most disturbing categories wherein menstruating women are exposed shamelessly. This is also known as "Red Rhapsody".

#9 Santa Claus

The models wearing Santa costumes can be seen doing everything that they should not do in front of a camera.

#10 Yiff

The performers wear fancy costumes of furry animals and then involve themselves in the racy acts.There are many more such distinctive desires demanded by the public, but these were the ones we could muster up to mention.