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15 Heart Touching Illustrations Of Couples That Prove Love Flows In The Air 

Being in love is the most beautiful phase of life. In this stage, we go through many ups and downs. But the love, care, emotions and the respect for the other person whom we love never seem to fade away.  There are very few lucky ones who get to be with their soulmates. They love to stay around their loved ones as much as possible. When I am with the person whom I love, I will make sure we do things, which make our relationship stronger.There are many creative illustrators who capture those emotions very beautifully in their lines. Many keep it sober with romance, while others mix just a little humor in it to make it all the more lovely.Phillipa Rice, the creator of the Soppy comic book, has made these beautiful illustrations about the daily joy of living with our lovers. I loved these pictures and am sure you too are gonna love them.

1. It's OUR gas bill!

After becoming 'We', even smallest of the things begin to matter.   

2. Nothing more comfortable

Sleeping on your loved one's lap - there's nothing more intimate than this. 

3. You are my favourite pillow! 

Cuddling each other unintentionally while sleeping - because, it's always the best. 

4. Noooooooooooo!

Sometimes, saying sorry turns the bonding even stronger! 

5. All better now!

An embrace after a long day - because when he hugs, all your stress seems to fade away.

6. Om Nom Nom

Something as boring as grocery shopping becomes interesting with your partner.

7. The 'You and Me' cafe

Happiness is having a favourite cafe, where only two of you matter.  

8. Cuddle time

No warmth is as soothing as the warmth of your partner.  

9. Bed time talk

Love is when we discuss openly about our future - or maybe not, let's just talk.

10. Let's build a world together

When it's just the two of you, even assembling furniture becomes fun - after all, building our own world is great, isn't it? 

11. We can do it!

We get closer while doing our daily activities together - being comfortable together is true love.

12. It is my turn!

It is not always picture-perfect. But the true beauty lies in imperfections. 

13. Being in the same room

You don't always have to do everything together. Sometimes, just being in each other's presence makes you feel bubbly in the belly.  

14. Is it cooked?

Cooking together in the kitchen can become the most challenging and the most fun task at the same time.