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Six Ways How Men Are Destroying Their Sperms Everyday

There is a phase in a relationship where a couple just wants to be there for each other and doesn't want to start a family just yet. But when that is over, and you decide to have a baby, you come to realize that conception isn't as easy as you thought. In fact, 1 in 8 couples has trouble getting pregnant.Fertility problem has largely and widely been associated with females. But the recent studies suggest a whole different and shocking story of sperms. In around one-third cases, the problem turns out to be on the guy’s end. It says that in almost half of the cases, the reason behind infertility is poor lifestyle choices by men. Smoking, for an instance, can cause Erectile Dysfunction.Let us put a reality check into this and see what these shocking studies reveal. 

The chemical compound

Bisphenol A is the compound found in plastic bottles and cans which can disrupt the quality and quantity of sperms. The report published in the journal PLOS Genetics says that BPA acts as an endocrine disruptor. There still are some other habits responsible for damages to the sperm count.Don'ts:

#1 Putting cellphone in pocket

The vibrations and radiations coming out of a guy's cell phone can decrease the sperm count by 9 percent. What to do: So, you better keep your phone in the back pocket or buy a case to keep it if you have plans to become a father some day.Source

#2 Spending time in high temperatures

A toasty car seat may boost relaxation during your commute, but watch out: It could also be boiling your sperm.

Your testicles love a temperature 4 degrees lesser than the body temperature to produce sperms. If you are exposed to very high temperatures as a welder is, your sperm count is going to decrease alarmingly.What to do: Don't expose them to extreme heat for a longer duration.Source

#3 Weighing overweight

A new study at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), finds that overweight and obese men are more likely than their normal-weight peers to produce lower numbers of sperm or even no sperm at all. This could increase the likelihood that they would have difficulty conceiving.

While the results don’t prove that excess weight leads to fertility troubles, having a lower sperm count can make it more difficult for men to conceive.What to do: Exercise regularly!

#4 If you are a smoker

In April of 2016, European Urology published a meta-analysis on the effect of smoking on semen health. The analysis included 20 studies and just over 5,000 men across Europe. The study found that smoking was associated with decreased sperm count, decreased sperm motility, and poor sperm morphology.

Sperm Morphology

Sperm motility determines how the sperm swims, and sperm morphology determines how the sperm is shaped. Here is a chart of basic Sperm Morphology.What to do: Damn, stop smoking!

#5 Taking stress

Men with higher levels of perceived stress have worse sperm quality than men who report feeling less stressed, a study from Columbia University found. Too much stress might throw your reproductive hormones out of whack, or lead to the creation of inflammatory proteins that hurt sperm.

High levels of stress causes the body to release the hormone cortisol. When cortisol is released, your body stops releasing basic sex hormones. This will cause the sperm count to drop.What to do: Laugh harder throughout the day!

#6 Consuming alcohol

Drinking 25 or more drinks per week is linked to a significant decline in sperm quality, one Danish study found. And guys who downed 40 drinks per week had 33 percent lower sperm counts and 51 percent less healthy sperm than those who drank only 1 to 5 drinks a week.