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Mother Continued To Text Her Dead Son And Then She Received This In Reply

The bond between a mother and her son is the strongest thing in the world. Nine months that a mother cherishes a life within herself, and finally gives it a form in itself is the miracle of life. To hold one's child in their arms, breathing its first air is the greatest feeling for a woman. A child and the mother cannot be separated from each other, it always makes the two vulnerable.A mother's heart can never take a blow as hard as to hear of her kid's death. She does every sacrifice possible to fulfill all the wishes of her child and something like this is an unimaginable news to bear.Unfortunately, though, many mothers have to go through that fate around the globe. The following story brought a similar scene with a twist. Here at WittyFeed, we bring you the story of a woman, who lost her child, but when she sent a text to his phone number... well, let's see what happened?

Carole Adler with her son Taylor Thyfault

Carole Adler's 21-year-old son, Taylor Thyfault, was training to become a Colorado State Trooper when he was killed in the line of duty by a runaway driver during a police chase.

He had big Army dreams in his young eyes!

At the young age of 21, Taylor was already an Army veteran who was about to complete his final stage of training with Colorado State Patrol.

He had eyes for the military career!

Joining the army and to be there for all those people that have stood for him, being the best he can be, were some of his goals.

His mother was his best friend too!

Wishing every morning with an "I love you" was a routine for them. Also, his mother used to talk to him via text messages while he was serving in the army.Source

His last day of training became the reason of his death!

Taylor Thyfault, training with the Colorado State Patrol, was on an assignment with Trooper Clinton Rushing on a crash investigation on Colorado Highway 66  when he was struck on the scene of an unrelated accident by a suspect evading police.

One last heroic act before his death!

He was pronounced dead at the scene, but he used his last moments to save someone else. Before he was hit, Taylor, 21, screamed at the tow truck driver on the scene to get out of the way of the speeding suspect. Thyfault managed to save a tow truck driver's life. He sacrificed his own life to save an unknown's life. What a hero!Source

A local hero!

Adler tags her son as a "hero" as he lost his life doing something that was all that he ever wanted to do!

A tribute to the dedicated soldier!

Her mother used to miss receiving his texts which he otherwise used to do on a daily basis.

She chose to start sending him texts again!

Pouring out all her emotions!

A reply text!

The reply came from Sergeant Kell Husley of Greeley Police Department whose new number was Thyfault's old number. Adler's moment of satisfaction was broken after knowing this. She then told her story to Mr. Husley!

#11 They kept their relation as unknown texting buddies intact!

The feeling of her son's number still being on and active with a person of uniform and some replies coming from that number must've felt nice! This has brought me to tears.Let us know how you felt about the story in the comments section. And share this story to brighten the day of your loved ones.