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Model Posted Her Unglamorous Photos On Instagram And Faced A Terrible Result

Early social media posts contained either some highly edgy quotes or some embarrassing photos. How many times does it happen that when we see our past posts and think, "Did I really post this?"   Well, many people have made this mistake on their social media handles. Social media world is full of glamour and fantasy. Most of us avoid posting the average-looking images when it comes to our social media profiles. But London-based model Stina Sanders thought of breaking the rule. She would think Instagram to be a fake medium that had filters and airbrushing with little or no impact. But her decision led her to make big mistakes. As a result, she lost her followers.    Two years after this incident, what lessons has she taken? And what does she do now?Read on and find out!      

The Instagram comparison.   

Talking to People, she said, “Personally I think Instagram is so fake — a number of filters, the airbrushing — so I thought it would be interesting.” And the result was what she had never thought. She lost thousands of followers, almost 3,000 of them.   

She started posting her average images, the usual bikini snaps.

“Normally, I would use a filter or an airbrushing app, so I made sure I really didn’t do that,” she revealed.   

Pictures of her regular routine without editing.

“In most of them, I didn’t have any makeup on or my hair were dishevelled, and no filters were used at all.” But the responses were surprising, to say the least.  Source

Ugly, isn't it?

She said, "When I did take those ugly selfies, it was actually quite empowering. Who cares about how your hair looked? Just be happy in yourself and be confident when you look in the mirror. It's so important to just be real."    

Who would want to see a model like this?

After posting a number of unflattering images, she lost around 3,000 followers. She said, "I thought that my followers would remain the same but I would get no likes, but the total opposite happened. I had an influx of likes, but I had a massive decrease of followers."   

No filter on me.

But keeping this from affecting her career, she is still pursuing her modelling career along with writing blogs, online profiles and even more. 

She took her lessons well.

It wasn't that she would use better filters and only post edited photos. On the contrary, she kept posting them with the message of bringing her real self to the world.  

This is me.

Though her number of followers dropped from 13,000 followers to less than 10,000, she got more comments from women than ever before. “Women were commenting because they could relate,” Stina revealed.    

What does she do?

Along with her BFF Valerie Stark, she is a co-founder of a location based socialising app, Huggle. She also does modelling and writes blogs.  

Her true self.

Stina still posts most of her Instagram photos without filters and presents herself the way she actually is.  

More of her...

When asked about her new business, and the challenges she faces, she told sheBOOM,“If it were easy, everybody would be doing it.” Rough times sure bring out the best in you, and Stina Sanders stands here to prove it. Do you agree with her point of view? Do share your thoughts in the comments. Image source: Instagram