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10 Awkward Celebrity Photos That Left Them Embarrassed 

We all aim to meet the celebrity we admire the most. What would be your first reaction when you get to see your favourite celebrity all of sudden? For a moment, you stare, and in no time hold your phone to get the camera on. Am I right? Selfies and photographs with celebrities always have been a dream for us all.Celebrities also love their crazy fans. Sometimes, they go to extra lengths to make their fans happy. But sometimes, even the fans go extra lengths to annoy the celebs. Stars with fans and the fans with stars, whatever it may be, the moments are always pleasurable and often hilarious to watch. But, the incidents that are captured on the camera do not always look that much lovely.Enjoy looking at these awkward meet and greet photographs, where either the fans made their star uncomfortable or it was the other way round.     

1. Justin Bieber goes crazy.

Justin Bieber was in Florida, when he apparently touched a fan inappropriately in a meet and greet event. 

2. Here is one more.

Justin meeting his fan in New York.

3. Now they won't leave him.

Bieber trying to escape from his loving fans. 

4. Beyonce says, I'll do whatever you do.

She knows how to win the fans' hearts. She, indeed, is a goddess. 

5. A fan of Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian getting assaulted by a super fan.  

6. Bill Cosby looks super happy.

Bill Cosby looks like he is still high on pills from last night. *wink wink* 

7. Luke Wilson, staring at drink or .....?

Luke Wilson getting distracted with his fans. 

8. Kanye West feels no different.

Clearly, it's hard to impress the 'rap-boss' Kanye West.

9. Girl grabs Shaquille O'Neal for a unique pose.

Basketball ain't the only thing he plays.