These Amazing DIYs Can Make Trash Worth A Thousand Bucks

You'll never again throw away trash!

There was a purpose behind making us participate in "best of waste" in school. Remember those times, when you didn't want to do some artwork for the exhibition and your entire family used to contribute for your one project. It was to make you learn to value things and hone your creativity in the best manner possible. Imagine if you didn't throw all your trash till date and made something of out it? Your house would have been filled with your own creative art, nevertheless, better late than never. 

Nothing is lost even now when you still dispose a lot of trash on daily basis. I'm not asking you to live in a place full of garbage but keep those things instead of throwing out, so that you can use them for the following DIY projects. 

So, next time when you are going to dispose of your trash, take a nice look at the following these DIY ideas so that much of it can be re-used for productive purposes.