35 Facts About Brad Pitt You Might Not Get To Read Anywhere Else

#13 is shocking! 


Who would believe that Brad Pitt is 53 years old? He looks the same as he used to look 10 years back. There's no doubting the fact that Brad is one of the most renowned actors in the Hollywood industry. He is in this business since 1987 though his early roles did not get him much recognition.  

Brad's first big break came in the movie, Thelma & Louise, and since then he has become the actor to watch for.  

We have seen Brad play many roles; from a zombie killer to a mental hospital's patient. But still, we hardly know how he is in real life. He has been the mystery guy of Hollywood. In past few years, he has become more than just an actor. He has produced movies like '12 Years a Slave' and 'Moneyball,' both of which got nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. 

From his early days to his unlikely romances, we've gathered some interesting facts about Brad Pitt.